Monday, July 18, 2011

INSPIRATION......Purple and Red ROCKS!

I've always been a huge fan of purple and red together and when I saw this room I almost hit the floor.  It made me want to stencil everything and add gold touches here and there.  Check out the chairs and how amazing they look with the striped cushions.
I love layers.  When I design anything it has to have layers of pattern and color or I just feel it's not done.  Some people enjoy simplicity but for some reason, simplicity can often leave me cold. This room has a soul.  It's lived in and has a story to tell.  Doesn't it make you want to put fabric on your walls?
A room by Muriel Brandolini.  The use of color is amazing. I dig the red lacquer and the lampshades make me want to recover all of my shades in bright jewel tones.  Hey, all it takes is a glue gun and some fabric and a little bit of trim.  EASY.
When I saw the rooms above I immediately started looking for fabrics and prints that could inspire some stencils.  This is an Arabesque print from France, c. 1880.  I think the designs in it would make wonderful stencils for all kinds of projects.  I also truly love the color scheme.
This medallion print also really made me happy.  I love the colors and the layered design elements.  Also French, c. 1920
Picture 8
This is a project I made for The Big Ass Book of Home Decor.  It's an India inspired side dresser which is easily accomplished with lace and gold spray paint (and some rhinestones tossed in for good measure).
  3 books together photo copy

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