Thursday, December 8, 2022

Funky Chunky Postcards

Happy mail is one of THE BEST THINGS...I love it so much! I love sending it, getting it, making it and collecting it.  Mostly I love making it.  Now, like many of you I have a box filled with extra stuff from projects. It's my catch all box and I use it for everything from art journals & jewelry making to these FUNKY CHUNKY POSTCARDS.  The rule about making these postcards is that there are no rules. You just keep going until your content with the final result. Transfer, spray, decoupage, glue, glitterize, spray some more, embellish and then keep going. Check out the video below for my particular process.  Have fun and don't forget to Make Your Mark!

I can't wait to send these out!
This one even has fish tank rocks glued to the edges!
Watch how I make these here AND if you want more videos,
check out my Youtube channel here:
Marabu Art Sprays: Surebonder Glue Guns & Products: Re-Design with Prima Royal Burgundy Decor Transfer: Re-Design with Prima Imperial Garden Decor Transfer: Re-Design with Prima Fragrant Roses Mould: Re-Design with Prima Wing and Locket Mould: Re-Design with Prima Everleigh Flourish Mould: Re-Design with Prima Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps: Surebonder Glue Guns & Products:
I think it's time for another postcard swap!

These Decor Stamps from Re-Design with Prima are amazing!
Hot glue in silicone molds make wonderful embellishments. 
Just paint them in your favorite colors!
Embossing in gold is always a winner on my cards!
Send some happy mail!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dollar Store Frame Upstyle

Printing out vintage botanicals on watercolor paper is a wonderful way to create beautiful art for your home.  I LOVE how much beauty they can add to a room.  In fact, my entire dining room is filled with botanical drawings and big plants and it makes me VERY happy!  These works of art started out as dollar store frames and with a little decoupage and hot glue, you can have something AMAZING to show off. Check out the video below to see how it's done and then get out there and
Dollar store frames and hot glue...Yup! 
Crumpled tissue paper glued to almost anything always looks amazing!
Everything I used for this project:
Surebonder Glue Guns & Products: Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps in Linear Floral: Decor Mould in Regal Trimming: Decor Ink Pad in white: Watercolor Confections in Terrain: Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Carbon Black:
Watch how I made this here OR
watch tons of other videos on my YouTube channel here:

It is wonderfully relaxing adding watercolor to black and white botanicals!
Creativity is the key, my wonderful friends!
See you soon! x

Monday, October 3, 2022

Dollar Store Frame Makeover

Lately I've been noticing patterned and fabric covered frames in thrift shops and antique stores. Lots of them are from the 1980s with gorgeous (and somewhat faded) botanical prints.  After noticing several of them I started to fall in love with the idea of patterned frames and decided to try my hand at making one...or two.  Using some of my favorite products and inexpensive dollar store frames, I whipped these together and I absolutely love them!  They are currently the crown jewels in my dining room and I will definitely be making a few more.  When you see something you love, my creative friends, why not try to make it?  You never know what will happen.  xo, Mark!
Love the funky cotton fabric I chose for these!
A selection of fabrics that I may use in the future for a similar project.
Hot glue and silicone molds (from Re-Design with Prima) are a fantastic way to add
some architectural flair to a simple project like this!
Everything I used for this project:
RE-DESIGN WITH PRIMA Decor Transfers: and RE-DESIGN WITH PRIMA Silicone Moulds: Regal Trimmings Etruscan Accents Silicone Mould: Re-Design with Prima Decor Wax: Xyron Creative Station: Surebonder Glue Guns & Products: MY AMAZON STORE:

I keep my fabric projects wipeable by coating them with lacquer.
Minwax Polycrylic, in all different sheens, is my favorite!
Get out there and MAKE YOUR MARK!

Friday, September 16, 2022

Freeform Embroidered Napkins - SO MUCH FUN!

I recently got an embroidery machine and I fear it's almost broken. I've used it so many times that I'm afraid it's going to konk out on me. OK, the reason I'm feeling this way is because this project specifically got a little out of hand. I was having so much fun with it I just kept making them and spent several hours just freeform embroidering like a madman. I love to sew, but there's a method to creating something...this technique was freeing and exciting and like nothing I've done before on a sewing machine. 
Create a table that's a feast for the eyes!

Perfect for spring! 
Watch how to make these here OR watch on my YouTube channel here:
Derwent Inktense Blocks: Surebonder Glue Guns & Products: BROTHER Innov-is 1750D: Shiny Silicone Mats: MY AMAZON STORE:

Derwent Inktense Blocks are permanent so you can wash these! 
You're invited to lunch! xo, Mark!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Back-to-School Monster Backpacks DIY

When I was a kid my backpack had pins, patches and permanent marker scribbles all over it. It was covered in memories and I carried it for years until I outgrew it and wasn't able to stitch it together anymore. Backpacks are a huge part of our lives and they should be special and unique, just like us.  These monster backpacks are perfect for that little monster who needs a little more than just a boring tote...Or for the kid who is ready to stand out.  It's also for the kidults out there who love pink hair and Doc Martins!  Whatever the case, they will definitely help you Make Your Mark!
Yes, I'm going to rock one of these this fall and I don't care what anyone thinks!
Just hanging out during recess!
Watch how to make these monster backpacks here! 
Check out tons of my other DIY videos here:
Here's a list of what I used for these little monsters:
Make sure to get some input from the kiddo when you're making it!

It was a schoolyard smash!  Get it?!
Back to Ghoul! 


Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Watch My New Show on Discovery+

 Not sure if you know this but I'm on a new show on Discovery+ called MEET YOUR MAKERS SHOWDOWN.  What an incredible experience I had making this show with the amazing Chrissy Metz and LeAnne Rimes.  Yes, CHRISSY METZ AND LEANNE RIMES! Pinch me, I'm still freaking out.  You can stream it if you have Discovery+ and if you don't, find a friend who does.  Here are a few photos from the show. Enjoy! xo, Mark

Hanging out backstage!
Heading to set from my trailer.
Shooting the promo with these two coconuts! This was our "scissor" gang sign!
Goofing off with this lovely lady!

She's the sweetest person...I adore her so much!
Heading to set....Wow was it hot outside!
I hope you'll watch!
Love, Mark!


Scrappy Happy Wreath DIY

Ok, I'm finally in my new home and when people told me it would take a year to unpack and feel settled, I didn't believe them. Well, it's been a year and I'm finally feeling like I'm at home!
Today I'm sharing my scrappy happy wreath diy. I had soooo many little pieces of fabric and trim and it was time to just use them for something. I think creative people always have a box of "stuff" that just keeps getting bigger. Am I right? Use up those scraps my craft friends!  Sending out all the love today from my new home!
I used a pool noodle base for this. It's so easy and cheap, cheap, cheap!

Watch how to make this here!
Nothing but a glue gun and a ton of scraps!
I hope this DIY makes you as happy as it does me!
xo, Mark!


Monday, January 17, 2022

Striped Glassware - So Easy!

Nothing makes me happier than beautiful dishes. I was the weird kid (for many reasons) who collected funky thrift store dishes in high school in preparation for my eventual fancy dinner parties.  Guess what, I still use dishes I collected in high school for my dinner parties.   I made these for a fun outdoor summer gathering and WOW do they look fun on the table.  A little dollar store glassware and some glass paints and you've got a gorgeous table setting!  Since we eat 3 times a day (well, more like 5 for me) I say why not use dishes that make you happy?!  Now get out there and Make Your Mark!

I bought an old record player for this project and it makes the most beautifuls stripes 
on everything from plates to bowls!
Mix ALL the colors!
Experiment on a piece of paper first to find out what works for you.

Watch how to make them here or watch the video (and many more) on my YouTube channel

I used DecoArt Glass Paint for this project:

I only want to eat sherbet on these dishes!
Stripe it RICH, baby!