Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Faux Stained Glass Mandalas

You might know that I'm a huge fan of stained glass and you might also know that sadly, it's the one craft I just can't seem to grasp.  Oh well!  When I really need a stained glass fix I grab my box of Americana Crystal Gloss Enamels and go to town.  So much easier than the real process and for me, just as gratifying. That's right friends, these are not stained glass at all, but permanently painted glass.  The part I like most about this project is that you don't have to be an artist.  Just grab your favorite adult coloring book pattern and use that as your guide.  How fun is that?!  Remember...make art, make messes and always Make Your Mark!
I can't decide where to put them!

They look wonderful sitting in my kitchen window!

Watch how to make them here!
Stuff I Used
Americana Crystal Gloss Enamels
Americana 3D Opaque Gloss Enamel
Adult Coloring Book pages
 Here's How
1.  Place your adult coloring book page under the glass of a frame
*Got my frames at the 99c store
2.  Trace the design with the 3D Opaque Gloss Enamels and let dry
3. & 4. Pick your color scheme and start filling in the designs
5. & 6. Carefully frame your pieces and place them where the sun can shine through

My favorite!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Anthropology Dishes DIY

Lately every thrift store I hit has an entire shelf filled with white porcelain dishes for pennies.  Being the crazy hoarder that I am, I usually grab a box full and haul them home and wait for inspiration to visit.  Well, a few weeks back, after a trip to some hip home goods stores,  inspiration hit and I started making these Fornasetti inspired (dishwasher safe) dishes......and now I'm hooked.  I may just toss out all of my other dishes and use these from now on because they are rocking my world!  Remember to hit the thrift store, look everywhere for inspiration and always Make Your Mark!

Watch how easy they are to make here
White porcelain dishes
Americana Dishwasher Safe Decoupage
Water bottle
Gold paint marker
Americana Decor Metallics in Antique Brass
1. - 3. Paint the handles with the Americana Decor Metallics and edge the plates with a gold paint pen
4. & 5.  Carefully cut out an image and mist it with water to relax the paper
*This prevent bubbles when you decoupage
6. & 7.  Coat the back of the image with the decoupage and adhere it to the mug
8. & 9.  Add a generous amount of decoupage around the image overlapping slightly onto the porcelain and fill in with more decoupage
10.  Coat the painted handle generous amount of decoupage
12.  Coat the gold edge and image on the plates with a thick layer of decoupage and let cure

So chic!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Two Easy Halloween Wreaths!

I'm just going to say it, Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  Before you scream "WHAAAAT!!!!" here's why.  I have a MAJOR SUGAR ADDICTION (as I write this I'm eating gummy bears) and this is the start of the season when I fight reaching into every bowl of candy and groping (without consent) every pie from here to New Year's Day.  I'm miserable because once I give into that tiny bag of Skittles, it's all over and I have to start wearing my big boy jeans.  NOT FUN AT ALL!  That said, I do like making wreaths so here are two that you can make for Halloween and Day of the Dead.  Remember, have fun, eat lots of candy and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Day of the Dead Wreath
Watch how to make this (and a few other things) here!
Pool Noodle
Duct tape
Black fabric strips
Plastic skull
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint
Black and colorful flowers
1. & 2. Tape a pool noodle together to create a wreath
3.  Wrap it in fabric (like a mummy) and pin the ends in place
4. & 5.  Glue black flowers around the wreath with E-6000 and pin in place until they dry
6. Glue colorful flowers around the wreath with more E-6000
7.  Decorate a plastic skull with Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint
8. & 9.  Glue the skull and a bow to the inside of the wreath and let dry


Watch how to make it here!
Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Carbon
10 plastic skulls
E-6000 Glue
Fake roses
Ribbon and glitter
Cardboard or foamcore
1.  Make a thin donut (the size of your wreath) out of the cardboard or foamcore for a base
2. & 3.  Arrange and glue them to the base with E-6000
4. & 5.  Paint the skulls and base with the Americana Decor Chalky Finish
6. & 7.  Paint glue on the heads and glitterize them with black glitter
8. & 9.  Glue roses in between the skulls and a large bow on the top 

Friday, October 7, 2016

No Sew Upholstered Boho Chair

So happy I finally get to share this project with you!  A few months ago I saw a similar chair for a small fortune and decided I wanted to try to make one of my own.  I had no idea where to start but after a bit poking around, I figured it out.  The best part?  It's NO SEW!  That's right, not one single stitch.  I used the amazing fabric glues by E-6000.  I know many of you don't have a sewing machine but still want to change up your furniture.  Well, this is a terrific way to makeover an upholstered chair without sewing.  The idea is to artfully fuse the new fabric to the existing fabric for a whole new look.  It takes some time and patience, but it's worth it!  Remember, makeover furniture, make things colorful and always Make Your Mark!
 Stuff I Used
Colorful piping
Heavy cotton fabric
Scissors & pencil
Straight pins
Large flat area to cut
 Here's How
1.  Pin heavy cotton fabric over sections of the chair, one section at a time and pencil the shape
*Use the inside of the piping or seam as your guide
2.  Label each pattern piece so you know exactly where it is on the chair
3.  Repeat on the arms, seat, back and base of the chair making sure to ADD and extra 2" around the base of each pattern (on the bottom of the chair)
4.  Carefully cut out each piece along the drawn lines
5.  Repin the cut pieces on the chair to make sure that it fits properly
*Trim if you have to, but make sure the pieces are perfect
6. & 7.  Layout and pin all of the pieces for the chair on the fabric and then cut
*Make sure arms are mirrored in the pattern pin everything before you cut to avoid mistakes
8. 9. & 10.  Pin the cut pieces to the chair and then glue them to the chair one section at a time with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
*Keep them pinned until they are dry
11. & 12. Repeat with all sections making sure to add extra pins around the curves and glue around all of the edges of each piece
13.  Remove the feet of the chair and glue the extended fabric under the chair
14.  glue piping or cord in the crease between the piping and the fabric to cover the raw edges
*Pin this in place until it dries
15.  Pin and glue trim around the base of the chair
 Ready, Sit, Go!  How about my new eco-friendly grass!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stenciled Chair DIY

I'm really enjoying the new DecoArt Americana Decor stencils.  They are huge and amazing and the designs are lovely.  My favorite is the 12" x 12" Indian Ikat stencil which I've used to "faux upholster" this plain cream chair.  A little multi-surface paint and it looks like it cost a fortune.  This is a terrific way to cover up a few stains or give a boring chair a brand new life.  My best advice for tackling something like this is to take your time, let the paint dry on the chair each time you paint on the design and keep your stencil clean.  Remember.......try something new, give furniture a new life with paint and always Make Your Mark!
Perfect to pair with my blue and white!

Watch the video here 
Things I Used
Cream chair (Wayfair.com)
Kitchen sponges or cosmetic sponges
Double stick tape
Repositionable spray mount
Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints in colors you like
Here's how
1.  Squeeze your paint out on some paper plates so that it's easy to pick up with your sponges
2. & 3. Before you start on your chair you want to test the stencil on a piece of plain fabric and see how you want to apply the paint
*I created an ombre effect by using white mixed with a darker blue and mixed the paints as I applied them to the stencil-darker on top and bottom and lighter shades in the middle
4.  Add double stick tape to the back of the stencil to help keep it in place on the back of the chair
*You can also lightly spray the back of the stencil with repositionable spray mount in between stenciling the design
5.  Starting in the exact center of the chair at the top, stencil your design down to the seat
*Put a rag on the seat to protect it from drips and splatters
6.  Carefully start applying paint
7. 8. & 9.  Position the stencil around the chair after each section has dried
10.  Keep cleaning the stencil in between applications of paint
11.  Use the spray mount when your stenciling around the arms or tape it in place so that it doesn't move
12.  Trim the stencil to get into hard to reach places AFTER you've stenciled all of the larger spots
Ready, Sit, Go!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mexican Folk Art Bottle Cap Crosses

I adore Mexican folk art!  The color, the happiness, the textures, all of it.  Because I have so many bottle caps left over from an ambitious Ebay bid,  I REALLY needed to use them for another project or 2 or 3 or 4......  These bottle cap crosses fit the bill.  Lucky me, I even scored some discarded 
1" x 1" wood pieces at the construction site near my house so all in all, this project didn't cost much to make.  You can even print out the bottle cap images from the  Internet on your home computer. You can find everything from butterflies to saints just ready to print out and use.  Whatever strikes your fancy, really.  Remember, have fun, explore other cultures and always
Make Your Mark!
Color burst!
Displayed on my patio

Watch the video here!
Stuff I Used
Craft bottle caps (try Amazon.com)
Scrap wood
Here's how
1. & 2. Glue your wood pieces together to make a cross with E-6000 and then paint in a color you like
3. & 4.  Embellish with other colors and add dimension with Allure
5. & 6.  Print and cut your bottle cap images and then glue them inside the bottle caps with regular white school glue
7.  Fill them with a small amount of DecoArt's Liquid Glass and let them dry until they are clear
8. Glue the bottle caps to the painted crosses and let dry
Folk Art!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Frida Khalo Earrings DIY

I've always loved Frida Kahlo.  I love her art, her look, the way she dressed and how she approached her life.  There is nothing like unbridled passion for everyone and everything around you.  It's an exhausting way to live, but admirable for sure.  Today I'm making earrings in her honor.  My small way of keeping her spirit alive.  Remember to squeeze everything you can out of life, look for the beauty in all things and always Make Your Mark!
My awesome assistant Julie!
The clip on version 

See how easy they are to make here!
Stuff you'll need
Images of Frida (all over the web)
Drill and jewelry pliers
Jewelry findings and beads
Americana Acrylics in colors you like
Wood disks
E-6000 Glue and Spray Adhesive
Minwax polycrylic or decoupage medium
Here's how
1. & 2.  Drill holes for the beads and earring wires and then paint the surface of the wood pieces
3. & 4.  Cut out the images and glue them to the wood
*I used E-6000 Spray because the moisture relaxes the paper so it doesn't bubble
5.  When the images are dry, punch through the holes with a toothpick
6.  Seal the images with a polycrylic or decoupage medium
7.  Create the dangly bits on a head pin with the pliers and make sure to bend a loop at the top
*You will need 3 dangly bits per earring so 6 per pair
8.  Hand them from the holes with jump rings
9.  Glue clips on the backs of another pair with E-6000 Glue

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3 Thrift Store Lamp Makeovers!

For some reason I've been scoring at the thrift store when it comes to interesting lamps!  I find them for less than $5 with the shades and they are always super fun to makeover.   Check out my latest creations complete with shade makeovers, too.  My favorite is the paisley lamp shade with black ribbon trim.  I made 2 for my bedroom and absolutely love them.   Next time you need a lamp, head to the thrift store first and see what you can paint and decoupage to match your space.   So much more fun than hunting around for something to match.  Remember one man's trash is another man's treasure....Oh, and always Make Your Mark!

Perfectly Paisley, Fornasetti Inspired and Flower Power
Watch the makeovers here!
Start with a selection of working, thrifted lamps and shades
(If you can, check the wiring at the store before you buy)
Perfectly Paisley

 Here's how
1. 2. & 3.  Tape over the cord and paint the entire lamp base with Americana Decor Satin Enamels in your favorite color and let dry
4. & 5.  Add highlights using a slightly damp rag with DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Gold Rush
6.  Remove the fabric from the original lampshade
7.  Press paper over one of the sections of wire to create a pattern and trace around it with a crayon
8. & 9.  Cut out the pattern and then cut out the panels in fabric
*Make sure that the fabric panels are all the same if you're using a pattern.  This means cutting them one at a time if you have to!
10.  One by one glue the fabric panels to each wire section of the shade 
11.  Glue 1/4" ribbon over where the fabric panels meet to cover the seams
12.  Glue more 1/4" ribbon around the top and bottom rim of the shade
*When you get to the end, fold the ribbon over 1/4" to make a clean finish
Fornasetti Inspired
 Here's how
1. & 2.  Paint the lamp with Americana Decor Satin Enamel in black
3. Carefully cut out a print that you want to decoupage on the lamp
*Check out http://thegraphicsfairy.com/ for an amazing selection to choose from
4.  Mist the front and back of the image with water to relax the paper
5.  6. & 7.   Add Americana Decoupage to the back of the image and apply it to the lamp
8.  Coat the image with more Decoupage
9.  Add a metallic gold border with a paint marker
Flower Power
Here's how
1. & 2.  Paint the base of the lamp with Americana Decor Chalky Finish in your favorite color
3.  Remove the fabric from the original lampshade
4. & 5.  Fold fabric on the diagonal and cut enough 2" wide strips to wrap your shade
*Do the math:  Measure the shade top to bottom and around and multiply to get a good idea of how much you will need
6.  Glue the strips together with hot glue to make very long strips
7.  Wrap the shade from top to bottom until you've gone all the way around
8. & 9.  Cut out fabric roses and glue them on the wrapped shade
Done, done and done!