Friday, January 13, 2017

Confetti Vases

 Recently I decided to clean out the little closet in my kitchen.......You might have a little closet like this?  It's where you shove everything unsightly right before company arrives and then you forget about it until one day, the door bursts open and you realize that's where everything you ever thought you lost has been.....If you lost it, that's where it was. Along with all of the crap in there, I found glass vases galore.  Small ones, big ones and ugly ones that come with flower deliveries. Well, this color freak decided to give them a makeover before I donated them to my local thrift store and this is what happened.  And yes, I used every color in the box.  Remember to go color crazy, use stuff in THAT closet and always Make Your Mark!

Watch the quick tutorial here!
Glass Vases
Rubbing Alcohol
Therm-o-web iCraft Deco Foil and Adhesive Pen
1.  Clean your vase with rubbing alcohol
2. Base coat the vase with Gloss Enamels in white
3. 4. & 5.  One color at a time starting with the lightest colors first, paint
colors randomly around the vase
*Let the colors dry for a few minutes in between color changes
6.  Circle the rim with a metallic paint marker
7.  Draw a line around the vase about 1 1/4 inch from the bottom
8. Coat the base with the iCraft Deco Foil adhesive pen
9. Apply the gold Deco Foil to the adhesive after it has dried for a few minutes

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stained Glass Vintage Window

I've been obsessed with stained glass ever since I was a kid.....I'd sit in church, bored out of my mind, and stare at the colorful windows for the entire hour wondering how they were put together, how they cut the glass, whether or not Jesus was as cold as I was in that dank church and how long before I could go home?!  As much as I would like to learn traditional stained glass techniques, I've always been more interested in faux stained glass projects like using Crystal Gloss Enamels or tissue paper decoupaged over glass.  When I ran across versions of the technique I'm sharing today, well, I had to try it.  The one thing I did change about it was that I added some resin to secure and coat the sharp edges of the glass pieces.  It worked perfectly.  Remember to recycle glass, grab old windows from construction sites and thrift stores and always Make Your Mark!  
Resting on my patio until I figure out where to permanently place it
  A little up-close shot
Resting on my banister
 Watch how I made it here
Old framed glass window
E-6000 Glue
Colorful glass floral marbles
E-6000 Glaze Coat (1 quart for a smaller window)
Small torch
Broken glass in different colors
1. 2. & 3.  Break colorful glass pieces in a paper bag or newspaper using a hammer
4. 5. & 6.  Arrange the broken pieces and glass marbles on your clean window in a pattern you like
7. 8. & 9.  Carefully glue each piece in place with E-6000 glue so that they don't shift
10. & 11.  Following the directions, mix the Glaze Coat and fill the window making sure to coat any sharp edges of the glass
12.  Using a small torch, pop the bubbles so that the resin is completely clear
*You can also use a long arm lighter


Friday, January 6, 2017

Let's Make ATCs!

When I want to relax, I make ATCs.....Artist Trading Cards.  ATCs are 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" in size or the size of an average playing card.  They're super fun to make and a terrific way to share and trade your art with other artists from around the world.  This month I'm  hosting a SWAP and I hope you join us!  Click HERE for rules on how to enter.  Since they are due on February 10th (right before V'day) I thought it would be fun to have a LOVE theme.  Seems like we all need a little more of that these days.  Remember, make art, trade it with friends and always Make Your Mark!
A few of the new pieces I'm swapping!

Big fan of this vintage strong man image
Watch how to make them here
Playing cards
Americana Acrylic in any yellow
DecoArt Decoupage
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics in Bright Brass
DecoArt Media in Cobalt, Red and Interference in Gold
DecoArt Craft Twinkles in Gold
Therm•o•web Deco Foil (for gold leaf accents)
Stick on rhinestones
Optional:  Sewing machine
 1. 2. & 3.  Paint the card in yellow, then gold
3. & 4. Cut lace squares the size of each card and decoupage over the gold
5.  Paint over your images with a nice red
6. Cut out hearts, rip book pages and cut more images for your cards
*Try the for some amazing images to print out and use
7. & 8.  Decoupage the ripped pages, hearts and images over the lace
9.  For more texture I stitched around the cards with my sewing machine
*You could hand stitch with some bold thread if you wanted
10.  Add a word or phrase
11.  Paint with Interference in Gold to add a beautiful metallic shimmer to the surface
12.  Edge with a bright color
13.  Add gold leaf accents with Therm•o•web Deco Foil
14.  Glitterize with Craft Twinkles
15.  Add even more sparkle with stick on rhinestones
Download and print these out for the back of your cards

Join My ATC Swap!

Thanks for your interest in participating in my ATC SWAP!  We have lots of amazing artists participating so far and I'm going to make this as easy as possible for you.  Guidelines below!
Here's how it works:

(See mine for some ideas HERE)

*Create 5 cards with a LOVE theme for this trade

*Must be 2.5" x 3.5" in size and no thicker than 1/4".   Playing cards work very well as a base. You're also welcome to use heavyweight card stock or chipboard cut to size as long as it's heavy.

*Entries should use a DecoArt product and be layered with other papers, buttons, embellishments or fabrics.  Think layers and texture!  If you live out of the country and have no access to DecoArt products you can still join us!

*The back of your trading cards should have your name , the title of the work, signature and date.  You can include contact information or your social media info if you want to, it's up to you.  This is a terrific way to make new friends, so I would do it.  
I'm including an example of what I'm using on the back of my cards and you're more than welcome to print it out and use this for the back of your cards.  

Mark Montano ATC
2126 Cove Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

*Place your ATCs in a clear baggie with your name clearly written on the baggie.

*Include in your package a self-addressed stamped envelope/mailer with the same amount of 
postage that cost to mail them...(usually about $2.60 for a bubble mailer)

Please make sure to PRINT your return address on the empty mailer that will be returned to you.  You are addressing your own return envelope
*Write your RETURN ADDRESS on the left corner of this return mailer too!

*If you live in another country, please make a small donation for postage on my YouTube page to cover the cost of your package from the U.S.  Usually about $4
You can do this with the SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL button on the right side of the home page.
If you don't have that button, you can contribute via PayPal at
Thanks so much and I hope you join us!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dollar Store Frame Terrarium

I finished this project over a month ago and I've been going nuts waiting to share it with you.  Christmas happened and I was overwhelmed with ornament projects so it had to wait.  Believe it or not, I got everything I needed for this project at the 99c store. Even the laser cut oval frames.  Just in case your store doesn't sell them, they are still very reasonably priced at most craft stores.  One suggestion, make sure to use E-6000 Glue when you put this together because it's waterproof. These little terrariums can trap moister which is not great for water based glues.  Remember, glue things together, paint them bright colors and always Make Your Mark!
The perfect way to protect all of my starter plants!

So chic!
Watch how I made them here
E-6000 Glue
6 identical dollar store frames
Laser cut frame
Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in Revive
DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Gold Rush
Clamps (you could use tape)
1.  Remove the glass stays, glass and cardboard from the frame
2.  Glue and clamp the base of the terrarium using E-6000 Glue
*Two frames vertical and two frames horizontal
3.  Glue and clamp the "roof" together as shown
4. Glue the roof on the base of the house with more E-6000, clamping it in place until it dries
5.  Cut off the ends of the laser cut from to cover the gable of the terrarium
6. & 7.  Sand and paint them with the Chalky Finish
8.  Glue the glass panes back into each frame with E-6000 
9.  Touch up as needed
10.  Glue the laser cut pieces over the gables
11.  Add dimension with DecoArt Metallic Luster
12.  Done!

Green and gorgeous!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

No Sew Cactus Pillows

I've been seeing cute cactus pillows all over the web for a year now and it was finally time to try to make a few to give as gifts.  The best part about this project is that it's NO SEW.  Seriously, not one single stitch AND all of the raw edges are neatly covered.  Use this technique with leftover fabrics to make all kinds of pillow shapes. Use a different fabric on each side and really mix them up.   Remember, use pom-pom trim, add ric-rac to everything and always Make Your Mark!
Perfect for a little southwest feel!

 Watch how to make them here!
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and Fray Lock
Colorful fabrics
Pillow stuffing
Ric rac trim
Straight pins
Cardboard or foam core
Pom pom trim
1.  Pin and cut your cactus pattern on folded fabric so that you have both layers
2. & 3.  Place the pillow on cardboard and glue around the edges, leaving a 5" hole at the base of the cactus, using E-6000 Fabri-Fuse 
4. Using more Fabri-Fuse, glue pom pom trim around the edge of the entire pillow keeping the trim in place with pins around the curves
5. & 6.  Flip the cactus over and cover the raw edges by gluing ric-rac trim around the edges with a thick line of E-6000 Fray Lock and let dry
7.  Stuff the pillow at the base using a chopstick to push the stuffing in all the areas of the pillow
8. & 9.  Use more Fabri-Fuse on the 5" opening and pin the layers together with clothespins until it dries

Friday, December 16, 2016

Cardboard Gingerbread House Ornaments

Two weeks before Thanksgiving I decided to give up sugar so that during the holidays I could splurge a few times without guilt.  It's been rough!  I wanted to make gingerbread houses this year but the fact is, they wouldn't have lasted a day with my sugar addiction.  Nope, homeless tiny elves would have carried a grudge all year and we couldn't have that.  I opted for some simple non-edible cardboard houses for my tree.  They look good enough to eat, but trust me on this, they're not tasty.  Hey, if you can figure out a way to hinge the roof or base, you'll have an amazing gift box!  Remember to recycle, make ornaments and always Make Your Mark!  
Love the simplicity of this project!
It takes a village!
Resting in the branches
Watch how to make them here!
Glue gun
Cutting knife

1. & 2. Cut out the paper pattern and trace it on the cardboard
3. Make sure to draw the score lines on the cardboard, too.
*not just the outline of the pattern
4.  Cut out the shapes with a craft knife or heavy duty scissors
5.  Lightly score along the score lines
6. & 7.  Bend and glue the pieces together to create the house
8.  Place the base of the house on cardboard and trace around it to create the "floor"
9.  Cut and glue the "floor" of the ornament on the bottom
10. & 11.  Draw the details on the house and grab some E-6000 Allure in Gloss White
12.  "Ice" the gingerbread house with the Allure until you're happy with it
Glue a ribbon on top and hang from your tree!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Funky No-Sew Christmas Stockings

Grab some funky fabric and make some NO SEW Christmas stockings for friends and family.  Not everyone is a fan of red and green, so I say GO COLOR CRAZY and make stockings just right for a Christmas in South Beach!  Hot pink faux fur and lavender pom pom trim are the perfect combo to rock this holiday but I also included a traditional red and white version, just in case you're not into punk rock stockings.   Remember buck tradition, make messes and always Make Your Mark!
Pom poms, ric rac and faux fur....Oh my!
 My traditional red & white version
Skip the ric rac for a more subtle, punk rock stocking!

Watch how easy they are to make here!
Faux Fur
Funky upholstery fabric
Ric rac and pom pom trims
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and Fray Lock
1. Pin and cut the stocking pattern on folded fabric
*You need a front and back
2.  Glue the pieces together with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
3.  Starting (and stopping) 4" down from the mouth of the stocking, glue pom pom 
trim around the very edge of the stocking
4. & 5.  Flip the stocking over and glue ric rac trim over the raw edge of the stocking 
using E-6000 Fray Lock
6.  Cut a piece of faux fur 10" x 18"
7. 8. & 9.  Add a thick line of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse along each 18" edge, fold each edge over 2" and place books on top until it dries
10.  Cut an 8" piece of ric rac, fold it and glue the loose ends to the inside corner of the stocking
11.  Using a generous amount of Fabri-Fuse, glue the folded faux fur around the top of the stocking and place a book on top until it dries.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Light Up Christmas Stars

You must have a TON of boxes by now!  Why not pull out a few from the recycling bin and make some light up Christmas stars?!  Cover them in your favorite decorative paper, wrapping paper or even tinfoil.  Use a simple LED light that you can find at almost any dollar store and you've got something magical.  Remember.......recycle, make magic and always Make Your Mark!
 Love the foil papers from DCWV!
Glowing and gorgeous!

Hanging outside on my front porch
Watch how to make them here!
Foil paper (or decorative paper)
Cardboard and Pattern
Scissors, craft knife, pencil and ruler
1. Print and cut out the patterns
2.  Cut 5 in cardboard using a craft knife or scissors if you can do it without bending the cardboard
3. & 4.  Score along the lines on each piece and bend to shape
5.  Glue the flaps together and hold in place with clothespins while they dry
6.  Trace and cut the 5 decorative pattern paper pieces
7. & 8.  Spray the back with the E-6000 Spray Adhesive and mist the front with water
9.  Glue to the cardboard star
10.  Add a decorative edge with the Allure Glitter in a matching color
11.  & 12. Add an LED light in the center back and hang from a decorative cord or ribbon