Friday, February 28, 2014

9 Super Fun Weekend Projects!

Each week I feature a group of people who rock the DIY world.  They are hardcore crafters and LOVE to make things.  Every week they come up with new projects, try different products and send out their creations to the world.  Hop around and say hi to them because they're all very sweet.
Hey everyone, check out what my friends have been up to lately. It's been a busy week in crafty town!

1. The awesome Margot Potter made beautiful stamped earrings on her new blog: 

2. Cathie Filian put together a beautiful statement necklace!

6. Debi Beard made a terrific chalkboard t-shirt that you can write on... Awesome-balls!
7. Cathy Attix revamps a pair of Vans with glitter and stencils!
8. In case you missed it, I made a Luscious Lips Sweater in tune with all of the spring fashion trends:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Luscious Lips Sweater DIY

If you've opened any fashion magazine lately you're probably seeing tons of LIP prints on clothing.  Every designer from YSL to Diane Von Fursternberg has used lip prints in their spring collections.  To get in on this latest trend I decided to employ a new glue from E-6000 called Stitch Less.  It turns anything into an iron on.....Just cut out your fabric shape, apply it to the back and iron it on.  Easy squeezy! You're going to love it.
Try it on a jean jacket or a t-shirt
Lips are popping up everywhere!
Check out the how-to video! 
E-6000 Stitch Less Iron On Glue
Red cotton fabric
Sweater or t-shirt 
 Draw your lips in 3 different sizes
Carefully cut them out (these are your patterns) 

Trace around them on the red cotton fabric 
 Cut them out
Grab your E-6000 Stitch Less Iron On Glue
Paint a light coat of the E-6000 Iron On glue onto the back of the fabric lips  
 Figure out your lip placement
Iron them in place and you're done!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simple Sequin Skater Skirt DIY

Feel like you need to spruce up that wardrobe?  Why not make a simple sequin skirt with just a 1/2 yard of sequin fabric, some elastic and two simple stitches.  E-6000 Fabri-Fuse will take care of the hem and you'll be on the dance floor in no time.  PROMISE!  Watch the video if you get stuck, but I promise, it's super easy.

Sequin skating skirts seem to be a wardrobe staple these days
Here's the how-to video
1/2 yard of 54" or 60" wide sequin fabric 
Sewing machine
Elastic that fits around your waist
Straight pins
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
60" 1/4" wide grosgrain ribbon
Matching thread
Straighten your fabric
Measure down 16 1/2" (or however long you want your skirt)
Mark with pins
Cut along the pin line 
Mark the center of your elastic.
The elastic should be your waist measurement plus 1" 
Mark the elastic in between the center and the edge on each side so that you divide your elastic into 4 equal measurements
Pin the elastic in the center
Fold the sequin fabric in 1/4 measurements and pin them to the corresponding marks on the elastic 
Next 1/2 the measurements between the pins and pin again all along the elastic
You are equally gathering the sequin fabric on the elastic with pins
While stretching the elastic, sew the elastic and sequin fabric together 
Draw a thin line of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse along the hem of the skirt and add your 1/4" wide grosgrain ribbon to the edge.  This will keep it from fraying and give your skirt a very nice finish
Once it's dry you can continue 
 Pin the center back of the skirt together 
Stitch up the back, without stretching the fabric, and you're done.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Happy Thursday everyone! We have 8 lovely DIY projects for you to check out today. Make sure to pop around and say hello to these lovely crafters. Enjoy!

My crafty BFF, Margot Potter, stamps up a beautiful positive affirmations choker:
Heather Mann makes a delicious wreath on Dollar Store Crafts:
Kathy Cano-Murillo adds some glitter and glam with chalky finish paint:
Cathie Filian adds some ruffle charm to a throw pillow:
Cathy Attix creates a terrific winter zipper bag with neon trim:
Debi Beard makes a stunning seashell covered Sailor's valentine:
Finally, if you haven't seen them yet, check out my Octopus Love Sweater DIY: and my Valentine's Day Cupcake Stands:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Octopus Love Sweater DIY

Need to spruce up an old sweater?  Why not embroider an octopus on it?  Add a heart and you're all set for Valentine's Day!  Did you know that an Octopus has 3 hearts?  Perfect don't you think?
This project is so easy, you'll want to up-style all of your sweaters with this technique.  Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

I can't wait to wear this!
Here's the how to video
 You'll need:
A sweater
Large sheet of newspaper
Red fabric
E-6000 Stitch Less Iron On Glue
Black yarn and large needle
Trace the shape of your sweater on the large sheet of newspaper
Draw your Octopus
Cut it out
Place it on your sweater and lightly trace it with a permanent marker or chalk
 Thread your needle with the yarn and start a running stitch every 3/8 inch along your traced line
Keep going all the way around until you're done
If you have to add more yarn, tie a knot and then secure the knot with E-6000 Fray Lock to make sure it never separates
Cut out a red fabric heart
Lightly sprad some E-6000 Stitch Less glue on the back of the fabric-This will turn the heart into an iron-on patch!
Iron it on and you're done!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

8 Perfectly Pretty Projects!

 It's THURS-DIY and WOW do I have some fun things to share with you!  Check out what my friends have been up to this week. All the links are below, so grab a cup of coffee and get inspired.

1.  My crafty BFF, Margot Potter, makes edgy metal stamped Valentine's Day pendants......I want!

2.  Jader Bomb shows you how to make paper flower magnets.  Fridge garden!

3.  Cathy Attix makes a safety pin heart sweater.....Super cool!

4.  Debi Beard makes a beautiful pearl bow necklace....Love it!

5.  Kathy AKA The Crafty Chica WOWS with this beautiful flaming heart table....Amazing!

6.  Cathie Filian makes a lovely LOVE art canvas....Beautiful!

7.  Heather Mann shows us a fanciful Valentine's Day wreath.....Fancy!

8.  Finally I show you how to make a Pins and Pearls necklace from dollar store items......Go to town and make it your own!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pins & Pearls Necklace DIY

There's nothing better than wearing something amazing that you created yourself, don't you think?  Why not create this Grand Slam Glam accessory with things you can find at your local dollar or thrift store?  I love making show stopping accessories with every day items.  For this project I used gray crystal beads, but why not change up the colors to match your favorite outfit?  Gather a ton of supplies and make a night of it with friends!    
Grand Slam Glam (I love saying it)
It's a little punk and a little princess all at the same time.
Here's the how-to video
Chain choker
Small chain
Crystal beads
Safety pins in different sizes
Jump rings
 Add a few beads to a safety pin and attach it to the chain
 Keep adding beaded pins to the links of the chain
 Next add beaded pins to the hanging pins
You can either pin these from the hanging pins OR use jump rings to hang several pins from the hanging pins
 Cut small lengths of chain (about 3" long) and hand them from the pins to fill out the necklace and add some interest
Keep going until you're happy with how it looks