Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Luscious Lips Sweater DIY

If you've opened any fashion magazine lately you're probably seeing tons of LIP prints on clothing.  Every designer from YSL to Diane Von Fursternberg has used lip prints in their spring collections.  To get in on this latest trend I decided to employ a new glue from E-6000 called Stitch Less.  It turns anything into an iron on.....Just cut out your fabric shape, apply it to the back and iron it on.  Easy squeezy! You're going to love it.
Try it on a jean jacket or a t-shirt
Lips are popping up everywhere!
Check out the how-to video! 
E-6000 Stitch Less Iron On Glue
Red cotton fabric
Sweater or t-shirt 
 Draw your lips in 3 different sizes
Carefully cut them out (these are your patterns) 

Trace around them on the red cotton fabric 
 Cut them out
Grab your E-6000 Stitch Less Iron On Glue
Paint a light coat of the E-6000 Iron On glue onto the back of the fabric lips  
 Figure out your lip placement
Iron them in place and you're done!

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