Monday, February 3, 2014

Pins & Pearls Necklace DIY

There's nothing better than wearing something amazing that you created yourself, don't you think?  Why not create this Grand Slam Glam accessory with things you can find at your local dollar or thrift store?  I love making show stopping accessories with every day items.  For this project I used gray crystal beads, but why not change up the colors to match your favorite outfit?  Gather a ton of supplies and make a night of it with friends!    
Grand Slam Glam (I love saying it)
It's a little punk and a little princess all at the same time.
Here's the how-to video
Chain choker
Small chain
Crystal beads
Safety pins in different sizes
Jump rings
 Add a few beads to a safety pin and attach it to the chain
 Keep adding beaded pins to the links of the chain
 Next add beaded pins to the hanging pins
You can either pin these from the hanging pins OR use jump rings to hang several pins from the hanging pins
 Cut small lengths of chain (about 3" long) and hand them from the pins to fill out the necklace and add some interest
Keep going until you're happy with how it looks 

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