Thursday, December 7, 2023

Embossed Iridescent Paper Ornaments

Hey friends, great to see you here!  This is an ornament making technique I've been using for years and there are a thousand different ways to make them. You can use photos, Loteria paper or different colors of cardstock. Whatever you have hanging around. It's like math, magic and origami all mixed together. For this particular version I embossed black watercolor paper and then used this incredible pearlescent acrylic ink from Royal Talens that shows up brilliantly on black surfaces. It worked like a charm!  I hope you make some of these fabulous Christmas ornaments - at least your own version!  
Love, Mark!
My trio of Christmas ornaments in 3 of my favorite iridescent colors!
Watch how to make them here or on my YouTube channel here:
Here's everything I used for this project:
Amsterdam Acrylic Iridescent Inks: SIZZIX Big Shot Embossing Machine: Van Gogh Black Watercolor Paper:
I used a drinking straw inside for the structure but you could use a rolled paper straw
This stuff is magic!
Wiping it over the embossing and it just appears and the most beautiful way!
I'm obsessed with embossing anything and everything. I love my Big Shot from Sizzix and am thinking about getting a much larger version!

Merry Christmas!  Love, Mark!