Thursday, May 31, 2012


One of my favorite projects from 

Here's the how to video!


Book pages
Drinking straws
Transparent tape
Elmer’s glue
Acrylic paint in colors you like
2 yards of heavy duty cord
1 large lobster claw
1 jump ring
Shoebox lid or cardboard
Straight pins

 1.    Cut your book pages in 2” wide strips the length of your book.

2.    Place a small piece of tape at the end of a strip and on the drinking straw and roll the book page around the straw.
3.    Add some Elmer’s glue to the end to seal the bead.
4.    Cut off the straw and start again until you have about 21 of these beads.

 5.    Stab some straight pins in a shoebox lid or some cardboard to create your drying board.

6.    Paint each side of each bead and place on a pin to dry.

 7.    Thread your lobster claw and tie a knot around it in the middle of your cord 
exactly at the 1-yard mark.

8.    Put one end of your cord through one end of a bead and the other end of the cord through the other end of a bead and pull until the string is taught.
9.    Position the lobster claw so it’s in the center of this first bead.

 10.    Repeat step 8 until you’ve used all of your beads.

11.    Once the last bead is in place, tie your cord in a very secure knot around a jump ring.
12.    Cut the excess cord and tuck the ends inside the last bead and dab some glue on the ends to secure them inside the end bead.
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