Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recycled Beauty....Artists that overwhelm

These works by various artists take recycling to an entirely new level.  I hope they inspire you to recycle and to reconsider the things we toss away every day.  Everything has potential.
Derek Gores is an amazing collage artist.  He takes working with magazine pages to a new level.
 Zac Freeman has always been one of my favorite portrait artists.
 I love the way he plays with light and manages to take these bits of things we toss away and create something emotional.
An upclose shot of a Zac Freeman piece
Nick Gentry paints on top of old floppy disks proving anything can be a canvas.  
Yong Ho Ji works with discarded tires.  These pieces have movement and a sculptural quality that almost seems real.
Jane Perkins uses whatever she can find to create these portraits.  Whimsical and beautiful.

I hope you enjoy these works.  If you like recycling paper, check out my book

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