Friday, July 21, 2023

Obsessed With My Bead Spinner!

Have you ever wondered how objects completely covered in seed beads are made? Well, I finally figured out how it's done! Recently John Bead sent me a bead spinner and I'm obsessed with it. You fill it with seed beads, spin it around and the beads magically slip onto your beading needle. It's so easy to use and you'll never spend hours finding the tiny holes in seed beads ever again!  Watch the video below to see how it works. Make beautiful things my friends and always Make Your Mark!
A few of the objects I covered in beads using my John Bead / Bead Spinner! 
Stringing the necklace took just a few minutes!

Just fill it with seed beads!
Dip in your needle and start spinning!
Watch how to use a bead spinner here! 
Here's a list of what I used:
John Bead Bead Spinner USA - Canada - John Bead Seed Beads - 500 gram bulk bag Size - 8/0 Canada - USA - - John Bead Curved Needle USA - Canada - SUPERTITE CRAFT GLUE WITH PRECISION TIP:

Friday, July 14, 2023

Fabulous Fabric Tape

 I have EVERY kind of tape you can imagine!  Not kidding. Boxes and boxes of it and when washi tape became popular I went NUTS. When going through my tape the other day I realized there was one tape I didn't have and that was fabric I made some with my Xyron Creative Station. If you ever need to tape something together, come on over....I've got your back!  Check out how I made it in the video below and don't forget to MAKE YOUR MARK!

Love the way this looks on practically everything!
My Xyron Creative Station turns anything into a sticker...even fabric! 
I used smaller pieces in my art journals.
Watch how to make fabric tape here!
OR watch it on Youtube here:
Xyron Creative Station: Awesome Gel Press Products:
What can I say? You're stuck with me!
Have a wonderful day, everyone! xo, Mark!