Friday, February 23, 2018

Wood Slice Table Ikea Hack

Have you noticed the wood slice trend?  It's everywhere and I just love it!  I decided it was time to give it a shot and see if I could incorporate it into something funky and fun for my summer patio decor.  The base is a cheap-o Ikea Lack table which I purchased for $5 on sale.  The little bits of color peeking out between the slices mixed with the natural wood is REALLY doing it for me!  I feel like Todd Oldham might really like this table.  It's almost spring so start thinking about your outdoor summer spaces and don't forget to Make Your Mark when you do!
 Boxy and beautiful
A little slice of heaven (for my patio)

Watch how to make it here!
Ikea Lack Table
Four 1/4" wood panels cut to 17 1/2" x 21 1/2"
1.  Assemble the Ikea table
2.  Make sure your pieces fit perfectly on each side
3. & 4.  Paint each panel (and the table top) in a different color of Outdoor Living
5.  Arrange your wood slices on the painted panels
6.  Glue them on with the Goop Max II
7.  When the pieces are dry, careful saw off the extended wood slices with a jigsaw to create square panels
8.  Add glue along each side of the table and apply your wood slice panels

This needs a cocktail!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Baroque Candles

On a recent vacation, I saw a version of this candle in a fancy little shop in France.  It was too heavy to carry around all day (and it was a small fortune) so I passed it up and have been kicking myself ever since!  Last month when Iron Orchid Designs sent me their silicone moulds, that candle popped into my head once again!  I decided to make a version of it in clay, and you know what?!  I love it even MORE than the one I remember seeing!  It's amazing what sticks in your mind and how they morph into other ideas later on when you least expect it.  Remember to buy it when you see it (so you don't kick yourself later) and always Make Your Mark! 
3 wicks for extra light at night!
I love the details sooooo much!

Watch how to make them here!
Iron Orchid Designs Mould
Corn Starch (I put mine in a salt shaker)
E-6000 Glue
Large glass vase
Putty knife
1. Dust the silicone mould with corn starch
*This helps the clay release easily
2.  Fill the mold with the Light Weight Stone Clay
3.  Bend the silicone mould to release the molded clay
4. Lightly press the molded clay on the glass vase rim so it sticks in place
5.  Keep creating molded clay pieces and placing them on the glass vase to get your design
6.  & 7. When the pieces are dry, glue them to the vase with E-6000 Glue
8.  Paint the clay vase in Vintage Brass and let dry and then coat the vase with clear creme wax
9.  After the wax is dry, paint the Patina Vintage Effects Wash on top of the gold making sure to get it in the cracks and crevices
10.  While the Patina is wet, wipe if off with a wet rag to expose the gold details
11.  Fill the pan with water and very slowly melt three 99c store candles 
on very low heat on the stove
12.  Remove the wicks from the candles, hang them in the clay candle from chopsticks and then fill the candle with the melted wax

Can't wait for a quiet night!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentine Heart Squishies

Nothing better than a Valentine that says "SQUEEZE ME!"  Grab your red & pink fabric scraps, some paint and big Art Foamies heart stamps and make these gorgeous, squeezable Valentines for your loved ones.  If you have a few extra, save them for the Christmas tree or your anniversary.  I have a feeling these would be a hit any time of year.  Remember to spread the LOVE 
and always Make Your Mark!
Squeeze me!

 A comfy pile of LOVE! 

Watch how to make them here!
Fairfield World Squishy Foam
Art Foamies heart stamps
DecoArt Americana Acrylics in Valentine's Day colors 
E-6000 Fabri-Fuse
Red, white and cream cotton fabrics
Sewing machine
Pinking shears
1. & 2.   Using Americana Acrylics in the colors of your choice, stamp the heart Art Foamies on pressed light cotton fabric
3. Cut out some of the hearts with pinking shears
4. Cut out 6" x 6" squares of decorative fabric
5.  Stitch the hearts and trim in the center of the squares
6.  Cut a larger heart from the square
7. Stitch the heart on another square leaving a 3" hole for stuffing and cut around 
the stitched heart
8. Cut the Fairfield World Squishy Foam into a heart shape and stuff it into the heart 
shaped pillow through the 3" hole
9.  Stitch the hole closed
10.  Add a ribbon loop to the top of the hear (if you want)
11. & 12. Add a line of Fabri-Fuse around the heart and glue on some sparkly sequins
Let dry and give your heart away!

Nothing like squeezing someone you love!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Vintage Heart Ornaments

Got some cardboard, beads and wire in your craft stash?  If so, why not make some vintage heart ornaments to give away this Valentine's Day!  This is the perfect project to use up that stack of Amazon Prime cardboard.  I used stencils to decorate my hearts, but you could hand paint them or decoupage images on them...Whatever you want!   Surprise your loved ones by hanging one from the rear view mirror in their car on Valentine's Day!  I have a feeling they would just love it. 
Enjoy the holiday of love and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
 YOU are the key to my heart...

Watch how to make them here!
Cardboard & book pages
Americana Decouapage
Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in Gold Glitter
DecoArt Stencil
Wire & wire cutters
Keys, ribbon & beads
DecoArt Extreme Sheen & Americana Acrylics in Cadmium Red
Optional: Glitter & Glue
1.  & 2. Cut out cardboard hearts & glue them together in layers of 3
3.  Cut out book pages about 1" larger than the hearts all the way around
4.  After misting the book page with water, spread decoupage on it and place your heart in the center
 *Clip the edges and fold them over the side of the heart and repeat on the other side until the
entire heart is covered in text
5. When the heart is dry, stencil it with red acrylic paint
6. - 8. Embellish with Gold Glitter Allure or glue and glitter
9.  Bend a loop on the end of a 6" piece of wire
10.  Pierce the heart from top to bottom and bend another loop on the end of the wire
11.  Hang beads and a key from more wire from the base and a ribbon for hanging from the top
12.  Glue on a printed banner
 Ready for Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Vintage Valentine Heart Boxes

It has to be said...I'm obsessed with the line silicone moulds by Iron Orchid Designs!  They are absolutely brilliant and beautiful!  For this vintage Valentine box I used the Fleur mould and filled it with.....wait for glue!  Yup.  It was super easy and I didn't have to wait ages for my pieces to dry.   After a little paint and highlighting, these gorgeous boxes are ready for my Valentine!  This year, make something special for someone you love.  It doesn't even matter what it is!  Have fun and don't forget to Make Your Mark!

Yes, it's really hot glue!
Ready to fill with LOVE!
Watch how to make them here!
Heavy duty glue gun
Light duty glue gun
1.  Cut cardboard hearts that are about 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" in size
2. & 3.  Cut 1" wide cardboard strips and curve them by running them along a table edge
4.  Hot glue the 1" strips around one of the cardboard hearts at the very edge
*This is the top of the box
5.  Hot glue 1" strips around the other heart about 1/4" in from the edge
*This is the bottom of the heart
6.  Hot glue Mardi gras beads around the top and bottom edge of the top heart
7.  Fill the Iron Orchid Designs Fleur Mould with hot glue and let dry
8.  Use hot glue to adhere the moulded pieces to the top of the box in an arrangement you like
9.  Paint the box with Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Rouge
10.  Paint another box in metallic gold
*I like gold spray paint for this OR Americana Decor Metallics in Vintage Brass
11.  Paint on Vintage Effects Wash in Pink and use a rag to expose the details of the 
flowers while it's still wet
12. Brush DecoArt Metallic Lustres on the moulded flowers on the red box to bring out the details
 Sweet hearts!
Happy Valentine's Day!