Friday, February 16, 2018

Baroque Candles

On a recent vacation, I saw a version of this candle in a fancy little shop in France.  It was too heavy to carry around all day (and it was a small fortune) so I passed it up and have been kicking myself ever since!  Last month when Iron Orchid Designs sent me their silicone moulds, that candle popped into my head once again!  I decided to make a version of it in clay, and you know what?!  I love it even MORE than the one I remember seeing!  It's amazing what sticks in your mind and how they morph into other ideas later on when you least expect it.  Remember to buy it when you see it (so you don't kick yourself later) and always Make Your Mark! 
3 wicks for extra light at night!
I love the details sooooo much!

Watch how to make them here!
Iron Orchid Designs Mould
Corn Starch (I put mine in a salt shaker)
E-6000 Glue
Large glass vase
Putty knife
1. Dust the silicone mould with corn starch
*This helps the clay release easily
2.  Fill the mold with the Light Weight Stone Clay
3.  Bend the silicone mould to release the molded clay
4. Lightly press the molded clay on the glass vase rim so it sticks in place
5.  Keep creating molded clay pieces and placing them on the glass vase to get your design
6.  & 7. When the pieces are dry, glue them to the vase with E-6000 Glue
8.  Paint the clay vase in Vintage Brass and let dry and then coat the vase with clear creme wax
9.  After the wax is dry, paint the Patina Vintage Effects Wash on top of the gold making sure to get it in the cracks and crevices
10.  While the Patina is wet, wipe if off with a wet rag to expose the gold details
11.  Fill the pan with water and very slowly melt three 99c store candles 
on very low heat on the stove
12.  Remove the wicks from the candles, hang them in the clay candle from chopsticks and then fill the candle with the melted wax

Can't wait for a quiet night!

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