Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Back-to-School Monster Backpacks DIY

When I was a kid my backpack had pins, patches and permanent marker scribbles all over it. It was covered in memories and I carried it for years until I outgrew it and wasn't able to stitch it together anymore. Backpacks are a huge part of our lives and they should be special and unique, just like us.  These monster backpacks are perfect for that little monster who needs a little more than just a boring tote...Or for the kid who is ready to stand out.  It's also for the kidults out there who love pink hair and Doc Martins!  Whatever the case, they will definitely help you Make Your Mark!
Yes, I'm going to rock one of these this fall and I don't care what anyone thinks!
Just hanging out during recess!
Watch how to make these monster backpacks here! 
Check out tons of my other DIY videos here:
Here's a list of what I used for these little monsters:
Make sure to get some input from the kiddo when you're making it!

It was a schoolyard smash!  Get it?!
Back to Ghoul! 


Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Watch My New Show on Discovery+

 Not sure if you know this but I'm on a new show on Discovery+ called MEET YOUR MAKERS SHOWDOWN.  What an incredible experience I had making this show with the amazing Chrissy Metz and LeAnne Rimes.  Yes, CHRISSY METZ AND LEANNE RIMES! Pinch me, I'm still freaking out.  You can stream it if you have Discovery+ and if you don't, find a friend who does.  Here are a few photos from the show. Enjoy! xo, Mark

Hanging out backstage!
Heading to set from my trailer.
Shooting the promo with these two coconuts! This was our "scissor" gang sign!
Goofing off with this lovely lady!

She's the sweetest person...I adore her so much!
Heading to set....Wow was it hot outside!
I hope you'll watch!
Love, Mark!


Scrappy Happy Wreath DIY

Ok, I'm finally in my new home and when people told me it would take a year to unpack and feel settled, I didn't believe them. Well, it's been a year and I'm finally feeling like I'm at home!
Today I'm sharing my scrappy happy wreath diy. I had soooo many little pieces of fabric and trim and it was time to just use them for something. I think creative people always have a box of "stuff" that just keeps getting bigger. Am I right? Use up those scraps my craft friends!  Sending out all the love today from my new home!
I used a pool noodle base for this. It's so easy and cheap, cheap, cheap!

Watch how to make this here!
Nothing but a glue gun and a ton of scraps!
I hope this DIY makes you as happy as it does me!
xo, Mark!