Friday, August 18, 2017

Unicorn Spit Shibori Dyeing

Once I realized that Unicorn SPiT could dye fabric I was off and running!  Lately I've been seeing tons of beautiful home decor upholstered in Shibori dyed fabrics so I decided to investigate.  Shibori has been around since the 8th century and there are many different techniques.  Kanoko Shibori is simple tie dye, Miura Shibori is done by knotting sections of the cloth.  I'm using something called Kumo Shibori which pleated and sometimes bound.  For this project I folded the fabric in different ways and dipped the edges to create the pattern.  I love how interesting each piece of fabric looks.  Remember, something old (Shibori) something new (Unicorn SPiT) something borrowed (your mom's white cotton napkins) and something blue (Unicorn SPiT in Blue Thunder). Oh, and always Make Your Mark!
Hanging around until I decide what to do with them

I'm thinking a funky table setting or pillows
Watch how I did it here! 
Small bowls
Water and spray bottle
White cotton fabrics
1.  Mix the Unicorn SPiT with about 30% water
*Unicorn SPiT is very thick so you'll need to dilute it
2.  Mix up several different colors in squirt bottles so that you can use it later
3.  Dampen your fabric with a spray bottle
4. & 5.  Accordion pleat  the fabric every inch and then accordion fold again into a small square
6.  Squirt some of your diluted Unicorn SPiT into a shallow bowl
7.  Carefully dip the edges of your folded piece into the dye
8.  Unfold and let dry
9.  Spray both sides of the fabric with Minwax Lacquer and let dry
*Hand wash fabric by itself in cold water to remove the excess dye when you're ready to wash
I can't wait to try the other colors!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Thrift Store Table Makeover

Have you noticed how much hotel furniture is showing up at thrift stores these days?  This glass table was a bit scratched up, but it was only $15 so I snapped it up and decided to give it a makeover worthy of Kelly Wearstler (my favorite interior designer).  This paint technique is a mix between Italian marbled paper and flow painting and I have a feeling the next table I attempt will be even better than this one.   In the mean time, I'm in LOVE!  Remember to scour thrift stores, recycle as much as you can and always Make Your Mark!
 Rhapsody in blue
I love the bold splashes of color with the intricate marbling around the edges 

Watch how I made it here!
Thrift store coffee table
*I used Smoke Grey, Dark Denim, Steel Blue, Seaside Blue & Grey Taupe
Plastic cups
1. - 3.  Fill each cup with paint, add 10% water and stir
*I used 5 matching colors for this project and I propped the glass table top on wood pieces so that it would be about 1 1/2" above the table
4.  Paint the edges with one of the colors
5. - 7.  Pour each color in a swirl pattern on the table working from the center outward
8.  Carefully angle the table to allow the paint to mix and blend together
9.  Drag a toothpick back and forth every 1" across the table to create a marbled paper look
10.  Paint the table base in Americana Decor Metallics in Silver and let dry
11.  Mix the Glaze Coat according to directions, pout on the table and spread with a sponge brush
12.  Use a small torch or long arm lighter to pop the bubbles, cover and let dry
Assemble and you're done!
So chic!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Solar Twinkling Twigs Chandelier

A few weeks ago a company called Qedertek reached out and sent me some solar powered string lights.  At first I was not impressed, but after a few minutes of playing with them, I was hooked and INSPIRED!  I mean we're talkin' twinkling lights all year long that you don't have to plug in.....EVER!  I finally decided on a twinkling floral chandelier made out of tree branches and faux flowers.  Why not, right?  Who doesn't need twinkling flowers on the patio?  Remember to light up your life (with solar) and always Make Your Mark!

Watch how to make it here!
Faux flowers
Transparent tape and glue gun
Brown fabric
Large twig
1. Tape your Qedertek lights to the branches using transparent tape
 *Make sure that you tape every few inches and that the wires are snug up against each branch
2. & 3. Cut 1" slits on the edge of some brown fabric and rip it into strips
4. & 5. Hot glue the edge of a strip to the tip of a branch and start wrapping the branches to cover the wires while leaving the lights peeking out
6.  Remove the faux flowers from the plastic stems and thread them over each light
7.  Hot glue gems to the underside of a few flowers for some added sparkle
8. Glue a butterfly or faux bird on a branch for some whimsey!
9.  Hang with a ribbon and make sure the solar battery pack is exposed to the sun
My chandelier at night twinkling up a storm!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Painted Inspiration Rocks

The 70's are officially back and rock painting is at an all time high!  It's time to grab some smooth stones (not from your neighbors yard) and go to town with some American Acrylic paints.  These are my absolute favorite paints for rock painting, btw.  Great colors and coverage.  I know I sound like a commercial, but it's true.  I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction, I promise!  These stones are inspired by vintage Mexican pottery and I can't wait to leave them in the park for people to find.
Remember to use lots of color, find inspiration everywhere and always
Make Your Mark!

Watch how to paint flowers here!
Americana Acrylics (the best for rock painting!)
Smooth river stones
1. & 2.  Paint a base color on your stones (front and back)
3.  Paint 1/2" flower centers in different colors
4. & 5. Using a round brush paint petals around the centers in different colors
6.  Paint a smaller dot in a different color inside of the original centers
7.  Paint over the petals in another contrasting color around each flower
*I used red with blue, green with blue, orange with yellow
8.  Add small dots to the center of each flower by dipping and dotting the wood end of your brush
9. & 10. Paint leaves with two different greens just like you painted the flower petals
11.  Paint a message on the back of the rock
12.  Coat with 2 coats of DuraClear Gloss Varnish and let dry

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Make Your Own Paint By Number!

Did you know that you can turn any image into a paint-by-number?  Well you can and it's pretty darn easy, too!  I couldn't decide whether I wanted to paint trees (my favorite) or cosmetics or robots.  As you can see, the trees won my heart!  Just pop your images into and you're on the way.  Now, the success to a good paint-by-number is how you frame it.  Paint by numbers can look super cool or, well.........I'm just going to say it......tacky.  These Walnut Hollow birch wood rounds were the perfect way to mount and frame my trees.   I love the natural bark around the edges!  Now pull out those paints and make yourself a paint by number!  
Oh, and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
 You don't have to be perfect when you're painting trees!

Watch how I did it here!
Images of trees to turn into a paint by number
Americana Acrylic Paints (they come in every color you'll ever need)
1.  Head over to and turn your image into a paint by number by following the instructions
2.  You'll want to pick 8-9 colors max or it can get very confusing!
3.  Print your line drawing on printable canvas or heavy duty paper
4.  Press a sheet of paper over a birch round to make a creased shape and then cut it out for a pattern
5.  Center and cut the canvas using the paper pattern
6.  Glue the canvas to the birch round
7.  Using the PBNify palette as your guide, pick out your Americana Acrylics to match
8.  Draw out numbers and squirt some corresponding paint colors to keep yourself organized while you paint
9. - 11.  Now get painting and enjoy yourself!
12.  Screw in a decorative hook when you're done and sign the back Picasso!