Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Make Your Own Paint By Number!

Did you know that you can turn any image into a paint-by-number?  Well you can and it's pretty darn easy, too!  I couldn't decide whether I wanted to paint trees (my favorite) or cosmetics or robots.  As you can see, the trees won my heart!  Just pop your images into PBNify.com and you're on the way.  Now, the success to a good paint-by-number is how you frame it.  Paint by numbers can look super cool or, well.........I'm just going to say it......tacky.  These Walnut Hollow birch wood rounds were the perfect way to mount and frame my trees.   I love the natural bark around the edges!  Now pull out those paints and make yourself a paint by number!  
Oh, and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
 You don't have to be perfect when you're painting trees!

Watch how I did it here!
Images of trees to turn into a paint by number
Americana Acrylic Paints (they come in every color you'll ever need)
1.  Head over to PBNify.com and turn your image into a paint by number by following the instructions
2.  You'll want to pick 8-9 colors max or it can get very confusing!
3.  Print your line drawing on printable canvas or heavy duty paper
4.  Press a sheet of paper over a birch round to make a creased shape and then cut it out for a pattern
5.  Center and cut the canvas using the paper pattern
6.  Glue the canvas to the birch round
7.  Using the PBNify palette as your guide, pick out your Americana Acrylics to match
8.  Draw out numbers and squirt some corresponding paint colors to keep yourself organized while you paint
9. - 11.  Now get painting and enjoy yourself!
12.  Screw in a decorative hook when you're done and sign the back Picasso!

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