Friday, August 4, 2017

Painted Inspiration Rocks

The 70's are officially back and rock painting is at an all time high!  It's time to grab some smooth stones (not from your neighbors yard) and go to town with some American Acrylic paints.  These are my absolute favorite paints for rock painting, btw.  Great colors and coverage.  I know I sound like a commercial, but it's true.  I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction, I promise!  These stones are inspired by vintage Mexican pottery and I can't wait to leave them in the park for people to find.
Remember to use lots of color, find inspiration everywhere and always
Make Your Mark!

Watch how to paint flowers here!
Here's another technique for you!
Americana Acrylics (the best for rock painting!)
Smooth river stones
1. & 2.  Paint a base color on your stones (front and back)
3.  Paint 1/2" flower centers in different colors
4. & 5. Using a round brush paint petals around the centers in different colors
6.  Paint a smaller dot in a different color inside of the original centers
7.  Paint over the petals in another contrasting color around each flower
*I used red with blue, green with blue, orange with yellow
8.  Add small dots to the center of each flower by dipping and dotting the wood end of your brush
9. & 10. Paint leaves with two different greens just like you painted the flower petals
11.  Paint a message on the back of the rock
12.  Coat with 2 coats of DuraClear Gloss Varnish and let dry


  1. Nice as a centerpiece too. Very colorful!

  2. Love these been painting rocks but this takes it to a new level....

  3. Thank you for sharing your techniques with us!!

  4. Wondering if this varnish is the best for outdoors? Can you help me with this? Does it withstand sun, heat, rain, cold?

    1. Morning Cece! The varnish is great. I've had them in my yard for 2 years and they're still perfect.

  5. Love the inspiration stones. I will be hiding some along the Las Vegas strip (I am a resident of Vegas). Hopefully I will bring a smile and good feelings to our global visitors.

  6. Love these easy flowers! Thank you!

  7. Love these easy flowers! Thank you!