Friday, August 18, 2017

Unicorn Spit Shibori Dyeing

Once I realized that Unicorn SPiT could dye fabric I was off and running!  Lately I've been seeing tons of beautiful home decor upholstered in Shibori dyed fabrics so I decided to investigate.  Shibori has been around since the 8th century and there are many different techniques.  Kanoko Shibori is simple tie dye, Miura Shibori is done by knotting sections of the cloth.  I'm using something called Kumo Shibori which pleated and sometimes bound.  For this project I folded the fabric in different ways and dipped the edges to create the pattern.  I love how interesting each piece of fabric looks.  Remember, something old (Shibori) something new (Unicorn SPiT) something borrowed (your mom's white cotton napkins) and something blue (Unicorn SPiT in Blue Thunder). Oh, and always Make Your Mark!
Hanging around until I decide what to do with them

I'm thinking a funky table setting or pillows
Watch how I did it here! 
Small bowls
Water and spray bottle
White cotton fabrics
1.  Mix the Unicorn SPiT with about 30% water
*Unicorn SPiT is very thick so you'll need to dilute it
2.  Mix up several different colors in squirt bottles so that you can use it later
3.  Dampen your fabric with a spray bottle
4. & 5.  Accordion pleat  the fabric every inch and then accordion fold again into a small square
6.  Squirt some of your diluted Unicorn SPiT into a shallow bowl
7.  Carefully dip the edges of your folded piece into the dye
8.  Unfold and let dry
9.  Spray both sides of the fabric with Minwax Lacquer and let dry
*Hand wash fabric by itself in cold water to remove the excess dye when you're ready to wash
I can't wait to try the other colors!

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  1. Beautiful! Vibrant! Can't wait to see what you do with them!