Friday, August 11, 2017

Solar Twinkling Twigs Chandelier

A few weeks ago a company called Qedertek reached out and sent me some solar powered string lights.  At first I was not impressed, but after a few minutes of playing with them, I was hooked and INSPIRED!  I mean we're talkin' twinkling lights all year long that you don't have to plug in.....EVER!  I finally decided on a twinkling floral chandelier made out of tree branches and faux flowers.  Why not, right?  Who doesn't need twinkling flowers on the patio?  Remember to light up your life (with solar) and always Make Your Mark!

Watch how to make it here!
Faux flowers
Transparent tape and glue gun
Brown fabric
Large twig
1. Tape your Qedertek lights to the branches using transparent tape
 *Make sure that you tape every few inches and that the wires are snug up against each branch
2. & 3. Cut 1" slits on the edge of some brown fabric and rip it into strips
4. & 5. Hot glue the edge of a strip to the tip of a branch and start wrapping the branches to cover the wires while leaving the lights peeking out
6.  Remove the faux flowers from the plastic stems and thread them over each light
7.  Hot glue gems to the underside of a few flowers for some added sparkle
8. Glue a butterfly or faux bird on a branch for some whimsey!
9.  Hang with a ribbon and make sure the solar battery pack is exposed to the sun
My chandelier at night twinkling up a storm!

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