Monday, November 22, 2021

Magical Resin Crystals DIY

Do you love crystals as much as I do? I'm obsessed with them...The stories behind them, the powers they possess and of course, the beauty they have.  I decided to make some of my own crystals (using this amazing silicone mold I found on the internet) and fill them with gold leaf flakes and good thoughts.  Now I have my own special crystals filled with just the things that are important to me.  You could even put a personal charm inside that might mean something special to you!  Heck, fill them with whatever you like!  Remember sweet friends, stay creative and always MAKE YOUR MARK!

Marabu Alcohol Inks give the perfect amount of color and work 
beautifully with resin!
Everything I used for this project:
Famowood Glaze Coat Resin: Marabu Alcohol Inks: Gold Leaf: Crystal Silicone Molds: Aquarium Glass:
Watch how to make them here OR watch how to make them (and many more things)
on my YouTube channel here:
Try different color combinations and fill them with things like special jewelry pieces, saint medals or small stones from your last amazing trip!
While you're pouring the resin, think about amazing things that have happened in your life OR think about the things you want to happen in your life!  Yes, I know, very hippy dippy, but I love having reminders that our lives can be what we make them!

Wishing you all good energy and love!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Gorgeous Happy Mail Ideas!

Ask anyone who knows me...I love to write letters.  I'll stick anything inside of an envelope and glue almost anything to the outside.  If it looks like an absolute crazy person put it together, well, then you'll know it's from me.  I'm obsessed with mail and how our postal system works and I love that you can slap a stamp on something and that it takes a journey across the sky to someone you love.  This particular project reminded me of Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite artists.  I love his use of gold leaf in his work and I thought these envelopes, with their metallic gold patterns, gave that Klimt-esque feeling.  Do you like to send Happy Mail? I'd love to hear about what you make in the comments!  Sending all of you big hugs and a nudge to get out there and MAKE YOUR MARK!

The bottom of a votive candle glass and some sprigs from my garden 
make the most beautiful faux wax seals!
I used my Gel Press to get all of these amazing colors and patterns!
Everything I used for this project:
Awesome Gel Press Products: DecoArt Gold Paint: & Surebonder Glue Guns & Products: Stencils I used:
Watch the video here OR
watch how I make these envelopes on my YouTube channel here:
Nothing like getting a beautiful, handmade card in the mail, right?!
Hot glue with my "M" seal...Just love that one!

This seal was made with a brass button attached to a small dowel!  

Write on, my crafty friends!