Saturday, July 24, 2021

Beautiful Happy Mail Ideas

You might know by now that I love happy mail.  I love making it, sending it and getting it!  These Gustav Klimt inspired pieces are from my latest batch.  I even went faux wax seal crazy with hot glue and foliage from my backyard.  I used the bottom of a flat drinking glass and some good, clear hot glue from Surebonder!  It's a great way to seal a letter and it looks just beautiful!  Why not make someone's day and send them a little hello with a stamp on it?  I'll bet you'll get one in return!
My stack of Klimt inspired stationery
Hot glue "wax" seals using the bottom of a glass
Why not add a seal on the card inside, too!
Love the look of this little daisy!
Everything I used for this project:
Awesome Gel Press Products: DecoArt Gold Paint: & Surebonder Glue Guns & Products: Stencils I used: ART SPRAYS...Put these in a spray bottle: MY AMAZON STORE:
Watch how to make this Klimt inspired happy mail here!
Surebonder makes colorful glue stiks in every color you can think of!

Make someone's day and send out some happy mail!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Desk Makeover with RE-DESIGN WITH PRIMA!

As much as I love Ikea for a shelf or quick, functional fix, I'm not a huge fan of their fabric or color choices. Can we say BORING?! This Ikea desk was plain white, nicked in a few places and truly in need of a new look.  The best part is that I scored it for $15, so basically it was a canvas for me to experiment on.  Lately I've been working with RE-DESIGN WITH PRIMA products and they've changed the way I look at furniture makeovers, so I decided to try their Decor Transfers on the face of the drawers & cabinet. WOW do they pack a punch!  I'll leave a list of what I used below, but definitely check out RE-DESIGN WITH PRIMA and paint up some of your Ikea furniture!  
Now get out there and Make Your Mark!
Caravan Decor Transfer and brass handles really spruced this up!
A nice desk makes you want to sit at it and even pay your bills!
Everything I used for this project:
Re-Design with Prima Caravans Decor Transfer: Bohemian Florals Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps: White Decor Ink Pad: Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint: MY AMAZON STORE:
Watch how to make this here!
or watch how to make it on YouTube here:

Generally I'm not a huge fan of red white & blue in decor, but the light blues and different shades really made this pattern sing to me!
Time to sit down and start writing another book, right?!