Friday, August 25, 2017

Oly-Fun Fabric Beads

If you haven't played with Oly-Fun yet, you're missing out.  This stuff is like fabric construction paper and it comes in tons of different colors, too.  A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out my craft house and found a stash of fabric beads and it got me to thinking about how I might use Oly-Fun for a fabric bead project.  After a little experimenting, I got hooked.  The best part is that you can mix colors to create different looks.  The greens and blues make a terrific malachite effect and the black, tan and white together look like singed wood!  Remember, experiment until you come up with something amazing and always Make Your Mark!

Rhapsody in blue!
Knotted and ready to wear!
Watch how I made them here!
Tea lights
Glass plate
1.  Pick your Oly-Fun colors.  I used 6!
2.  Stack them and cut out the bead pattern
3.  Roll the cut stacks around the end of a slim paint brush
4.  Trim the staggered ends
5. & 6.  Singe the end of the rolled bead and quickly roll it on the glass
*This will seal the rolled end to the body of the bead
7.  Continue to singe the body of the bead (which will expose each of the colors) and then quickly smooth out the bead by rolling it on the glass plate
8. & 9. String the beads on thick satin cord and knot between each one
I love how the colors blend together!


  1. Where can I find the bead pattern? Thanks.

    1. Above in the list of STUFF I USED is the link to the bead pattern. Have fun!