Tuesday, February 27, 2018

No-Sew Rag Rug Ottoman Makeover

I've been obsessed with 99c store rag rugs since my first day of kindergarten when we had to bring one to school for nap time.  I have a picture (somewhere) of me holding one under my arm and a HUGE box of 64 Crayons in my pudgy little hands.  It was a glorious day for sure.  Now I like to use them to spice up my patio and cover outdoor pieces that have been rained on and left in the sun just a little too long.  This no-sew project will spice up some outdoor seating in a flash.  The best part, this cost about $6 to make!  Have fun and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
Ready for my first outdoor party!
Never underestimate the power of a yarn pompom!
Toss in some lanterns from Home Goods and you're golden!
 Watch how to makeover the ottoman here!
Rag Rugs (make sure to find a size you can use so you don't have to cut them too much)
Old ottoman in need of some love (and color)
Fringe, wood beads and cotton ribbon
Yarn pompoms
Needle and thread
1.  Cut the rag rugs to fit the sides of the ottoman
2. & 3.  Glue them on with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and let them dry
*You can pin them in place while they dry, too
4.  Cut one rag rug so that the fringed ends hang over the side of the ottoman about 5" or so
*This is to cover the top raw edge of the side pieces
5.  Glue the top "flaps" on with a generous amount of Fabri-Fuse
6.  Glue an entire rug over the top to cover the rest of the top of the ottoman
7.  Pull about 10" of cotton ribbon through a large wood bead (using a bent 
wire as a needle) and not the loop so that it doesn't slide back through the bead
8.  Wrap an 8" piece of fringe around the cotton ribbon at the base of the bead and then stitch through the top of the fringe (through the cotton ribbon) to create a tassel
9.  Stitch 2 tassels on each corner of the ottoman
Optional:  Stitch colorful pompoms on each corner for some more fun!
 You're invited to my next party!
Try it on a round ottoman.  Just as easy!

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