Friday, March 2, 2018

Art Crayon Art Journals

I'm cuckoo for Marabu's Art Crayons and all of the beautiful art journal techniques you can create with them!  I was so excited about my pages I decided to bind them with fabulous marbled covers. What I've created are my initial pages which will eventually be rubber stamped, decoupaged and written on.  You know, like a real, organic art journal that just keeps on keepin'-on!  What I love most about the art crayons is that you can manipulate them with sponges and water and when you're finally satisfied, you can spray them with a fixative for further work with other mediums.  I had some scrap wood pieces from another project and they made perfect covers.  Turn your work into beautiful art journals and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
A few of my new journal pages
 The clear school glue technique is my favorite!
Bound for glory!
Watch how to make them here!
5 1/2" x 7" thin wood pieces
Swing Arm Paper Cutter
Black and white gesso
Technique One
1. Moisten a cosmetic sponge
2. Rub an Art Crayon on the end
3. Dab onto watercolor paper using different colors
4. Repeat with a stencil in a contrasting color
5. When dry lightly spray with a fixative
Technique Two
6.  Go crazy with Art Crayons on watercolor paper
7. Blend the colors with a lightly damp cosmetic sponge
8.  Stencil over the page with black gesso
9.  Lightly spray with a fixative
Technique Three
10.  Coat a piece of watercolor paper with white gesso and let dry
11. Use a generous amount of Art Crayon color
12.  Blend the colors with a dry cosmetic sponge
13. Stencil with white gesso or a fun paint
Technique Four
14.  Paint over a stencil with clear, washable school glue and let dry
15.  Go crazy with Art Crayons
16.  Blend the Art Crayons with a dry cosmetic sponge allowing the color to be removed 
from the dry glue
17.  Stencil over the pieces with black gesso or another color
Technique Five
18.  Stencil with black gesso on watercolor paper
19. Add a generous amount of Art Crayon over the top
20.  Paint over the Art Crayon with a brush and water for a beautiful watercolor effect
1. -4.  Make sure your art journal pages are the same size as your wood covers
*I cut my pages first and then filled them with different Art Crayon techniques
5. Fill a tub with water and sprinkle your favorite colors of Easy Marble on top
6.  Place paper face down on the Easy Marble to pick up the beautiful marbling
7. Let dry
8.  Moisten the marbled pages with a light spray of water to relax the paper
9.  Add glue or decoupage medium to the wood piece
10.  Center it on the marbled paper making sure it's completely flat
11.  Cut out the corners at a slight angle
12. & 13.  Add glue to the flaps and glue them to the other side
14.  Clamp your art journal pages between 2 covers making sure everything is 
completely even and flat and then spread Book/Pad Compound along the edge and let dry
15.  Cover up the binding with matching paper using more glue
Bound art journals ready to embellish even more!
 Go crazy with color and stencils!
If you don't have wood, you could use a sturdy cardboard OR chipboard


  1. Replies
    1. I'll use ANY stencil I can get my hands on for art journaling, but the stencils in the video are by Marabu and they're really nice!

  2. Love these! (But, the link to the art crayons took me to the watercolor paper.)

    1. Here you go!

  3. What do you use for a fixative?

    1. There are tons of spray pastel fixatives on the market. Check amazon and you'll find tons to choose from.