Friday, March 30, 2018

Mid-Century Cardboard Tile Table

Recently I saw a beautiful mid-century tile table at a high-end thrift store for a small fortune.  Well, not a small fortune, an ACTUAL fortune!  I decided to see if I could replicate it with some inexpensive materials, just for fun.  I used cardboard for the tiles and some simple hair pin legs instead of the tapered wood legs.  Once I poured the resin over the tiles I couldn't believe how much they looked like REAL tile.  It was a wonderful surprise.  Remember to always look for alternatives and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
I'm ready for a classic cocktail!
Not sure about the rug, but it matches!

Watch how to make it here!
3/4" plywood for the table top
Tacklife tools:  Jigsaw, Drill & Sander
1. Paint cardboard in several different colors
2.  Cut the cardboard in 1" x 1" tiles
3. Create your table shape in paper and then trace onto the plywood
4.  Cut out the shape with a jigsaw
5.  Paint the table top (I chose a battleship gray)
6.  Cut some of the tiles in half and glue them along the outer edge of the table with E-6000
7.  Glue tiles inward, row by row and adding some solid rows of gold and yellow toward the center
8.  Adhere 2" wide masking tape around the table to create a wall
*Make sure it's adhered all the way around the edge
9.  Press the tape under the table all the way around
10.  Follow the instructions for mixing the Glaze Coat and then pour it on the table
*I used 1 quart for this project
11.  Spread the resin evenly on the tiles with a sponge brush
12.  Pop the bubbles with a long arm lighter or small torch then cover and cure overnight
*Watch the table for about 30 minutes since air can get trapped inside the cardboard tiles
13.  Remove the tape and smooth out the rough edges with a sander
14.  Mix a small amount of Glaze Coat to cover the rough edges and let cure overnight
*This will make the sanded edges look like glass again
15.  If you want you can paint the edges with more Vintage Brass
16.  Screw the hairpin legs on the base and you're done!
The Glaze Coat is like Glass when it cures!
So happy with this!
Don Draper might have had one of these!

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