Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Easy Rope Bowls

What happens when you try to sew a rope bowl and fail miserably?  You search for a fail-safe alternative!  I really did give it my all and decided to whip out my industrial glue gun, a few plastic bowls and some colorful paints and go to town.  I think these are going to look amazing in my craft house filled with yarn or on the patio with a funky cactus.  Gotta say, the contrasting colors inside each bowl actually kicked the plain old rope bowl up a notch!  Remember to search for alternatives and always try to Make Your Mark!
Can't wait to fill these with yarn!

Watch how to make them here!
Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint
Large Glue Gun with 1/2" thick glue sticks
Thick rope
Plastic bowls
1.  - 3.  Paint the insides and the outer rim of the plastic bowls with a bright color
*I used Americana Decor Outdoor Living Paint since it works beautifully on plastics
4.  Start glueing the rop about 1" down from the rim and work your way up to the rim
5.  Glue the rope around the rim and over the 1st part of the rope
6.  Continue gluing down to the base
7.  Coil the rope around the bottom of the bowl, cut the rope and glue the end in the very center
8.  Try a two-tone bowl with 3 rows of one color at the top rim
9.  Add an alternate color starting at the third row and finish like the blue bowl
 Go crazy with color!
You could bowl me over!

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