Friday, March 9, 2018

Gel Press Mixed Media Vases

Do you have a collection of glass vases cluttering up your pantry like I do?  I just can't seem to pass up a free centerpiece, thrift store find, roadside rescue or yard sale vase.  HELP ME!  Fortunately I find them a constant source of inspiration for my projects.  This week I decided to turn them into colorful, mixed media vases with my Gel Press.  I LOVE the way they turned out, too! For this project I allowed myself to go nuts with color and stencils and techniques, not caring about the results and just having fun.  There is something wonderful about creativity without boundaries.....It's feels like flying.  Remember to let your creativity go crazy without expectation and always 
Make Your Mark!
Clippings from my garden!
I could have made 100 of these!
No two are the same!

Watch how to make them here!
Gel Press & brayer
Americana Acrylics
DuraClear Gloss Varnish
Copy paper
Americana Matte Decoupage
Glass Vases
Various stencils
1.  Squirt 3 colors on your paint on the Gel Press
2.  Spread them with your brayer
3.  Press the paper on the paint 
4.  Carefully pull up the paper and let dry
5.  Try different color combinations
*I like working with lighter colors for the first layer
6.  Add some darker, contrasting colors on the Gel Press
7.  Lay down some stencils on top of the paint
8.  Press a previously Gel Pressed sheet on top of the stencils
9.  Carefully lift to expose the beautiful patterns
10.  Try different color combinations and different stencils
11.  Transfer to the previously Gel Pressed sheets
12.  Cut the sheets to fit a vase making sure to add 1" long slits along one edge
13.  Mist the paper with water
14.  Spread the decoupage medium on the back of the Gel Pressed sheet
15.  Adhere it to the vase and adhere the slit tabs around the underside of the vase
*Mix different Gel Pressed sheets and color combinations to get the design you want 
16.  Seal each vase with DuraClear Gloss Varnish when they are completely covered
These make me happy!

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  1. great idea can also use toilet inner card tube and tube from paper towels cut up to be pencil containers and containers for reading glasses.