Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Magical inspiration!

Some magical inspiration from around the world and web.
Lamps designed by Geraldine Gonzalez.  These are magical.  You could almost do a version of them with white paper lanterns.  I really like sea urchins and the look of jelly fish.  Some day I'll share the story of when I got stung on the face by one!
Peter Pan cut out on top of lamp....Magical!  Any silhouette really could work for this.  It reminds me of those glow in the dark stars stickers that we used to put on our ceiling.
And how about this for a birthday party?  I want to make these for my besty's daughter.  
A version of the wrapped wine bottle which I think works perfectly.  I think the mix of colors is just beautiful.
Wood and Wool Stool from Morocco.  I think this is a wonderful crochet project.  It just WORKS.
What's not to love about this clutch?  I mean WHO, WHO wouldn't want this?
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  1. If only I had enough hours in the day to attempt all these. Love the silhouette on a lamp shade!