Saturday, May 19, 2012


In my worldwide whirlwind tour around the internet, these are some things I thought you might find inspiring.  Make your own versions and be creative!  Necktie cuff.  Just wonderful!
I really love using old neckties for projects and this one is perfect.  The bias of the fabric makes it perfect for stretching over a flat metal cuff.  The backing could be anything from leather to vinyl.
This dress is made from paper by
Isabelle de Borschgave 
She is definitely worth Google'ing if you get a chance and love working
with paper as much as I do.
What a terrific decoupage project. The birds are photocopied and then cut out and the vines are hand painted.  You could photocopy the birds on sticker paper and save a step.  Just sayin'.  I'm so impressed with this piece!
What a great use for an old shutter!  I write my birthday cards months in advance (I know, I know!) so I could see myself organizing them by month in the slots.  Hm...Could work....
Wooster Top Hat pendant lamps by INNERMOST.  Now can you top (hat) that! Just thought these were really fun.  You really CAN turn almost anything into a lamp.
Nail head design that I'm pretty sure you could do with thumbtacks.  Just think about it!  Hold the thumbtacks with a pair of needle nose pliers while you gently tap them.  It works!
As always, if you want 100 more fun projects to make, check out


  1. I love it all but that Dress made from paper and the Top Hat lights are fantabulous!

  2. OMG...this is definitely a favorite showcase thus far. Love them all. Gotta Go Google now!
    Toodles and Ta Ta for Now!
    Jessica S

  3. Hi Mark, I wanted to drop in to let you know that I have posted my proper Thank You for the wonderful book and glitter paint you so generously offered as a prize! Sorry for the delay in posting. I was quite busy with the 400 follower celebration at my blog and kick-off on my FB fan page, that I just got around to doing it.
    here is the link:
    Jessica S