Friday, February 28, 2014

9 Super Fun Weekend Projects!

Each week I feature a group of people who rock the DIY world.  They are hardcore crafters and LOVE to make things.  Every week they come up with new projects, try different products and send out their creations to the world.  Hop around and say hi to them because they're all very sweet.
Hey everyone, check out what my friends have been up to lately. It's been a busy week in crafty town!

1. The awesome Margot Potter made beautiful stamped earrings on her new blog: 

2. Cathie Filian put together a beautiful statement necklace!

6. Debi Beard made a terrific chalkboard t-shirt that you can write on... Awesome-balls!
7. Cathy Attix revamps a pair of Vans with glitter and stencils!
8. In case you missed it, I made a Luscious Lips Sweater in tune with all of the spring fashion trends:

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