Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Red Carpet Crystal Clutch DIY

Everyone needs a statement accessory to spruce up an outfit, right?!  Why not whip up this Red Carpet Crystal Box Clutch with some rhinestones and a few jewelry pieces?  All you need is some 
E-6000 glue and you're 1/2 way done.  Oh, and the best thing about it is that when you're not carrying it down the red carpet, you can use it as a glamorous jewelry box for your dresser.  How neat is that!
My friend Julia rocking it with her holographic nail polish.
Watch the how-to video here
2 small brass hinges
Rhinestones, brooches, crystals
Rhinestone chain
Stick on rhinestones
Transparent tape
Wire cutters (optional)
Remove the cardboard from the frames
Tape them together, mouth to mouth, at each corner
Center your hinges over the boxes where they meet and glue them on with E-6000
Tape them in place while they dry
Flip the boxes over, glue and tape the latch closure where the boxes meet. 
Figure out your rhinestone placement
Carefully glue each one in place
Add stick-on rhinestone trim around the edges
Remove the tape after about 45 minutes and you're done! 
My friend Julia carrying the clutch in her boutique.  She owns Gogosha Optique which is an amazing eyeglass store.  That's where I buy my glasses!

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