Twinkling Branches Room Divider

Step by step photo instructions for the 
Twinkling Branches Room Divider

 Create four 24" x 60" frames by connecting each corner with two 1 1/4" long wood screws
Connect the frames together using the 2" long hinges 
*make sure that the frames are in a zigzag pattern
Drill three screws on the top and bottom of each frame leaving 1/4" sticking out
 Attach the galvanized wire around the 3/4" screws from top to bottom
on each of the three frames
*You will be attaching the branches to these wires
Paint the edges of the room divider with the Rustic Chalky Finish paint
*You can be messy with this color
When dry, rub wax over the Rustic paint
Paint the entire room divider in the Serene Chalky Finish and let dry
Sand the edges of the room divider to expose the Rustic color underneath and to give the room divider a shabby chic/antique feel
Cut about 30 - 5" long pieces of wire
Attach the branches to the wire that was stretched from the top to the bottom 
of each frame of the divider 
*Clip the branches that extend over the edges
Wrap the white Christmas tree lights around the branches and plug in!

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