Saturday, November 10, 2012


I KNOW, I KNOW.......BORING!  Well, at least I can save you some cash and a little frustration when you're trying to find pillow cases to match your new bedroom color.  Now you can make your own in no time and they'll look amazing.
Case in point!  
Here's the HOW to Video!
43" x 44" piece of fabric per case
Fiskars Pinking Shears
Sewing machine
43" of 1" wide ribbon
Fabric pencil
Straight pins 
 Measure down  8" along one 43" side of your fabric
 Mark that line with your fabric pencil using your ruler
Pin the ribbon along that line
Stitch the ribbon on the fabric following the line as shown.   The stitch should be toward the edge of the ribbon.
Fold the fabric in half, matching the ribbons exactly! 
Fold over the ends (both of them) and pin in place 
Just like this!
Pin around the pillow case and ake your first stitch around the case. 
 When you're done, if you pull apart the area where you folded down the end, you can see that it finished itself, just like magic!
 Pink all the raw edges.

With the pillow case inside out, fold the end inside the case so that the edge of the flap lines up with the ribbon 
 Pin all the way around the mouth of the case
 Stitch around the mouth of the opening to the left of the original ribbon stitch. This will catch the ribbon in and finish your pillow case flap.
Stitch on the left side of the ribbon so that the original ribbon stitch so that the original stitch will be hidden.....You'll see! 

You're done!  Well, after you're done ironing anyway.   
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  1. Pretty and practical project Mark!!!

    I made some slip-on covers similar to your pillow cases to cover the "head" panel on our aging recliners :)