Monday, January 21, 2013

Mold and Cast OR Blue Baby Bindi Bangles!

My friend Simone ( and (@spazzgirl on twitter) truly wonders why I'm obsessed with baby doll heads.  She seems to be more obsessed with the fact that I'm obsessed with them than I am actually obsessed with them. Does that make sense?  It's early!  Truth is I am TEAM BABY HEAD all the way. I like to work with things that have a soul, a life, expression.  I like faces and shapes that represent living things. It's my "thing" you could say.  If you're not team baby head, that's fine.  You can use this technique to make molds of anything!  Check out the Smooth-cast 300.  You will LOVE this stuff!  Also check out the mold making putty from Ranger.  It makes a reusable rubber mold in 10 minutes!  Finally, you must get some of these Lumiere Metallic Paints. They are just beautiful.
Baby Bangles and Clutch
Here's the how to video!
Ring close-up 
Blue Baby Bindi Bangles
 Here's what you'll need:
Smooth-cast 300 (
Melt Art Mold-n-Pour molding putty (
Lumiere Metallic Paint (
Plastic spoons
Plastic cup
Metal bangle
Ring flat
Baby head or object you like
Mix equal parts of the putty together and knead them together as quickly as possible (1 minute is good) 
Create a ball 
Take your object (make sure it's free of dirt) 
Gently press it in to your ball 
In 10 minutes you'll have a reusable rubber mold! 
Mix equal parts of your Smooth-Cast 300 (such great stuff) 

Pour in to your molds and let sit for about 15 minutes 
Remove your hardened plastic pieces 
Paint them with the Jacquard Lumiere paints 
 When dry, glue them to your bangles
and to your ring flats.  Add some rhinestones, too.
Go Team Baby Head! 

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