Saturday, March 16, 2013

Threadbanger 2013 3.0 has arrived!


And they're off!
My friends Corinne and Rob are relaunching Threadbanger today with new force and energy and I'm behind them 1000%!  If you don't know Threadbanger and the super talents that are Rob and Corinne, it's time to get over there and make friends with them!  Here are a few of my favorite videos, BUT THEY HAVE HUNDREDS!  Make sure to subscribe to them and send them some love from me, OK! 
Bibs for adult ladies!
Make Big Huge Ginormous Pom Poms!
Check out Rob and Corinne's house and learn how to 
make some snazzy cocktail rings!
Corinne and I made this video for her other series called
Re-Create!  She's the bomb!
This is serious vintage!  2008 and they were already on the
Steampunk trend!
Get over to Threadbanger on Youtube and subscribe!
Tell them I say hello!


  1. I love threadbanger, I followed them for years and I'm so happy that they're back finally! Some of my fav vidos are the steampunk outfit and the spacehoodie... :)

  2. Just found you site. Can't wait to watch more.