Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Full Length Dress/Beach Cover Up DIY

Summer is finally here and so are long days at the beach.  If you're needing a comfortable beach cover up OR something that you can toss on over your bathing suit and head to dinner in, well then look no more!  This full length dress/beach cover up is just what you need.  I took 4 dingy t-shirts and sewed them together for this dress and the Rit Liquid Dye was perfect for giving the fabric a new life.  Think twice before you toss out those old t-shirts, because it's RIT TO THE RESCUE!  
Danielle in her new summer dress
Directions for her necklace are in The Big Ass Book of Bling 

See the video tutorial
You'll need
Sewing machine
4 t-shirts
Rubber bands
 Cut off the bottom hem and sleeve hems of shirt 1.
Fold shirt 2 in half down the center and place the sleeve of shirt on the fold just below the neckline
Trace a sleeve extension from the cut sleeve down to the hem of shirt 2  as shown
Cut along your lines
Cut across the chest of shirt 3 right under the sleeves
Also cut off the hem of shirt 3
This will be the mid-section of the dress
 Cut across the chest of shirt 4, right under the arms.  Do not cut off the hem.  The hem of this shirt will be the hem of the dress
Time to stitch the sleeves together
 Fold your sleeves right sides together and stitch the edges together using 1/2" seam allowance
Putting right sides together, match the seams and the raw edges and stitch them together. 
 Stitch shirt 3 to the bottom of shirt 1
Stitch the raw edge of shirt for to the bottom of shirt 3
Pick your dye color
Tie rubber bands around the dress
Dye and rinse until the water runs clear
Wash and dry your new dress


  1. I remember being in a hardware store recently and someone was looking for Rit dye. There was none and the salesperson said that they hadn't had any for years. I have a few very old specimens. Your dye looks to be liquid, mine are powder.
    I have many T-shirts I could use but none are white and most are not light-coloured, either. I think I will try this anyway as I just want it for around the house.
    Thanks for sharing.
    PS I don't have TV.

    1. It is liquid. I use it on all of my old t-shirts when they get dingy and they end up looking terrific. I dye them different colors of blue. :)