Saturday, October 11, 2014

Marbled Pumpkins DIY

I love anything marbled....ANYTHING!  This year I decided to share my secret technique for marbling and show you how to use it on some real and fake pumpkins.  Once you master this, I promise you'll be addicted.  Happy Chic Halloween!
My Halloween table setting

Watch the video tutorial here
5" deep plastic bin
Glass dishes
Krylon metallic gold spray paint
Rubbing alcohol
Paint your pumpkins with the Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Carbon (black)
Clean your glass dishes with rubbing alcohol
Paint the dishes with the black Americana Gloss Enamel
Bake the glass dishes twice for 30 minutes letting the oven cool in between baking times
*This will make them dishwasher safe 
Fill your bin with water
Spray a small amount of Krylon metallic gold spray paint on top of the water
Quickly roll your object from one end of the water to the other to pick up the gold paint
Let everything dry on newspaper