Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gilded Hearts Valentine Wreath

I have a confession to make.....I don't like decorating for Christmas, but for some reason decorating for Valentine's Day is my THING!  I've always loved everything about the holiday.  The colors, the hearts, the champagne, the candy and the candy....Yes, I know I wrote that twice.
Head to the dollar store for some pool noodles before they run out!  They are the perfect base for almost all of your wreath projects, hands down.
Happy Valentine's Day!
A close up of my heart filled wreath!
A trio worthy of my heart
 Watch the short video tutorial here!
Pool noodle
Duct tape
Pink and red paper
Krylon Metallic Gold Short Cuts Pen
Fuzzy yarn
Glue gun
 Bend the pool noodle into a circle and close with duct tape
Lightly score the edges with a craft knife if it doesn't make a perfect circle
Paint large stripes with chalky finish and let dry
Wrap fuzzy yarn around the wreath and glue ends in place with a glue gun

Cut out tons of paper hearts in red and pink in various sizes
Edge each heart with a gold metallic paint pen
Hot glue several sets of hearts, back to back, over a 1 yard lengths of fuzzy yarn 
*This will create kite tails to hang from the base of the wreath
Make about 5 of tails
Hot glue the hearts all around the wreath
Hot glue the kite tails to the base of the wreath

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