Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recycled Magazine Bracelets

Summer is here and it's time to recycle that big stack of magazines you've been saving for no reason. Cut them, roll them, paint them and accessorize your summer wardrobe with these colorful bracelets!  The best part is that you can do most of this while catching up on your favorite TV shows. I painted them with bold colorful stripes, but plain black and white would also look absolutely beautiful.
Have fun! xo, Mark
 Danielle wearing a stack of recycled paper bracelets
 Stack them all the way up your arm!
Why not only paint the edges and the inside!?
Make tons!  It's only paper.....
Watch the short video tutorial here
Cereal box cardboard
White glue
Magazine pages
 Cut long strips of cardboard
Wrap a strip around your hand to get your bracelet size 
Glue the cardboard into a bracelet and then glue on another strip
*This will make it stronger
Clip the cardboard together while it dries
Cut magazine pages into 3" x 4" pieces
 Roll the pages into tubes (starting at the corner) and then secure with glue
*You will need about 60 per bracelet
Cut the tubes the width of the bracelet
Glue them side by side all the way around
Paint the inside of the bracelet and let dry
Paint the tubes in different colors all the way around
Dab another color on each edge
Coat with Triple Thick Gloss and let dry
*This will make them extra shiny and sturdy 
Try only painting the inside and edges for another amazing look!

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