Friday, August 14, 2015

Fairy Dolls DIY and Clutterbug Collab!

When I was looking around in my yard for a place to photograph these little Vegas showgirl fairy dolls, I actually found a fairy door on my tree. How fun is that!?!  FYI, I only make fairy dolls because I have a boatload of nieces who are obsessed with anything fairy or princess....OBSESSED!   I think most little girls are (and some boys) because every day on my street, when the parents take their kids to school, it's a fairy parade!  Wait a minute.....Who am I kidding?  I made these fairy dolls because they were just darn fun to make, period.  BTW, I did a video collaboration with my friend Cas at Clutterbug.  Her dolls are amazing! Definitely go see them.  Have fun....XOXO, Mark

Getting ready for the Vegas fairy doll kick line!

See how I made them here!
Americana Multi Surface Satin Paints 
*red, black, pink and flesh
Glue gun
Faux flowers
Faux butterflies
Thick galvanized wire
Large wooden beads
Needle nose pliers with wire cutting ability


  1. do you have any written instructions????? ty in advance!

  2. I didn't write a blog for this, unfortunately the only instructions are in the video.