Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sparkly Boho Mirror Ornaments

For me, Christmas isn't Christmas without popsicle sticks and glitter!  These ornaments, though kicked up a notch with mirrors and rhinestone chain, reminded me of 2nd grade art class when we got to use tempera paint and huge jars of glitter with wild abandon.  It was truly exciting, especially around each holiday.  Even an upscaled kid's craft can look amazing on your tree, so ask your inner child to help you out (or a niece & nephew) and don't forget to
Make Your Mark!
So much color!  So much fun!
An heavy coating of lacquer and you can keep them outside!
Giving a little life to some winter branches!

Watch how to make them here!

Bo ho ho ho ho!


  1. I am looking for the one you did on Nov 12, 2019. I am looking for the pattern for the ball paper ornaments.

  2. This is so cute!:) something fun to do anytime