Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Bouquet Cups - The Sweetest Gift!

Need to lift someone's spirits and don't have a ton of cash?  These BOUQUET CUPS just might be the ticket!  I used dollar store mugs and filled them with tea and small chocolates.  The rest is just paper & cardboard!  If you're not a fan of polka dots, you might try using the DecoArt Glass Paint Markers to write a sweet note on the side of the mug!  So many ways to reinvent this project!  The best part is that you'll be making someone happy.  Now that's a craft you can get behind!  Ok sweet friends, get out there and Make Someone's Day!
 Make someone's day!
 The easiest paper flowers, I promise!
 Watch how to make them here or 
watch how to make them on my Youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/kNnJKzuvCjw

 Hide tiny treats inside like tea & candies!

Spread the love, sweet friends!


  1. Nice work, Mark, it´ll sure cheer up whoever is given a so colourful mug like this! i particulary appreciated the dots on the mugs! so easy to do with a wonderful and unexpected result. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Beautiful!

    Bom fim de semana!

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    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia