Monday, November 16, 2020

Crystal Clear Birthday Cards

I used to make my mom & gram save all the clear topped Christmas card boxes for my projects.  They were perfect for my junky dioramas.  I would fill the bottom cardboard part with a tissue paper backing and then start adding all kinds of plastic letters and trinkets on top until it was just right and then close it up and display it like a work of art.  These clear birthday cards reminded me of that except I don't have to wait for the holidays and I can make as many as I want!  Also, you can actually send these through the mail!  Yup, I tried it and it arrived perfectly.  Send some funky, see-through happy mail and make someone's day.  They're going to LOVE it!  Now get out there and
Ready for my next few birthdays!
Fill them with anything and everything you can think of!
Grafix Dura-Lar:
Marabu Sketch Graphix Markers:
Scrabble Tiles:
XFasten Scrapbook Runner Tape Roller:
Watch how to make them here OR
watch the video on my YouTube channel here:

I used my label maker for some of the writing, but you can just write your
message on paper and stick it right in there!

Send out some HAPPY MAIL, sweet friends!

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