Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth Day Tree & 6 Earth Day Ornaments

April 22nd is Earth Day!  It's a day to raise awareness about pollution and to celebrate the environment of our blue planet!  Personally, I try to celebrate the earth EVERY day and more importantly I try my darndest to use upcycled and recycled materials in my art.  I know it's hard, but truly every little bit helps.  Did you know that 8 million tons of plastic go into the ocean every year?  Our oceans are so important and we're just destroying them.  In honor of Earth Day 2021 I'm making an Earth Day Tree using upcycled materials and things that fall off of my tree in the backyard!  Use what you have sweet friends and always Make Your Mark!I used a tomato cage as the base and it worked perfectly!  The plaster ornaments are my favorite!

Everything I used for this project:
Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Markers:
Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Inks: AND AMAZON STORE:

Watch how to make my Earth Day Tree here or watch how to make it on Youtube here:

A close-up of my earth day ornaments using plastic lids and salad clams, twigs and seashells

Don't have a sketch pad to doodle in?  Try colorizing some fallen leaves!
Dripping ink on plastic lids is mesmerizing AND they make beautiful ornaments!
This project reminds me of mycelia which impact 90% of the growing plants on our planet.
I love seashells and have always thought they are the true jewels of the sea!

Happy Earth Day!

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