Saturday, August 7, 2021

"Paint" like Van Gogh with Oil Pastels

Have you heard about the Van Gogh immersive experience that's been a huge hit around the world? So far over 2 million people have enjoyed it.  I haven't been yet, but I'm excited to go!  To celebrate this event I created a Van Gogh inspired mirror using Van Gogh Oil Pastels from Royal Talens.  It was so easy to get that impasto feel using pastels by simply painting the base of my wood mirror in a dark blue.  I call it the impostor impasto technique! It was a relaxing way to study Starry night which was my inspiration for this mirror.  Even though I didn't interpret it literally, I was able to get the look of it with these amazing highly pigmented oil pastels!  Make sure to check out the beautiful Royal Talens craft supplies!  Now get out there and Make Your Mark!

Of course you photograph anything Van Gogh with sunflowers!

Small strokes in bold colors make the perfect imposter impasto!

Everything I used for this project here:
Royal Talens Oil Pastels Set of 12: Royal Talens Oil Pastels Set of 24: Royal Talens Oil Pastels Set of 60: Royal Talens Pastel Varnish: Fish Tank Glass: E6000 Glue: Dark Blue Matte Chalky Finish:
Watch how to make this mirror here OR watch
how to make it on my YouTube channel here:

Love the crushed fish tank glass!  It gives the mirror more dimension and softened the 
edges of the mirror

Paint like a master!


  1. Wow, you always amaze me ! Thank you for generously sharing.
    Tami Clutter