Saturday, October 30, 2021


Raise your scissors if you have a box of scrap fabrics that you just can't toss?  I see a lot of scissors in the air right now!  Well, grab that box and start making these colorful BOHO SCRAP FABRIC FLOWERS!  Slap them on everything from gift bags to your favorite hat. Heck, they would even make a fun kid's award ribbon.  Use Christmas colors and you can even use them to decorate a funky boho tree.  I put these together with a simple glue gun and if you follow me, you know my glue gun of choice is a SUREBONDER.  I just love their products and they have a detail glue gun that will knock your socks off!  Now, are you ready to get out there and MAKE YOUR MARK?!  I know you are!
Just love looking at all the colors!
Yep, I went a little nuts making these!

Watch how to make them here or 
watch this video on my YouTube channel here:
Put them on a gift bag or turn them into the most fabulous greeting card!
Just have fun with color!

You've got the flower power!

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