Pattern for Paper Ball Ornaments

Print out the pattern below to create your own paper ball ornaments!  Enlarge for bigger ornaments but make sure to cut the straw a bit larger if you increase the size.

 Print on 8 1/2  X 11 copy paper or enlarge and paste the pages together
Watch the video to see how it's done!


  1. Hi, Mark, my first time to visit your blog; this ornament is just DELIGHTFUL! I don't put up a tree anymore, but these can be, as you said, used for windows. 'That' I CAN manage! Thanks for this and so many ideas that you share. :)

  2. They are fun to make and to give as gifts. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hey Mark, these are so cute you can make these for any holidays' U explaining them is great..I like step by step....Merry Christmas for you & your family,...

  4. Hi Mark
    I have been trying to figure out how to print this. I right click on it but there is not an option that says print. Can you tell me how to do this because I have been wanting to make them

  5. These are really cute. Thanks for the pattern. Do you mind if I share this in a newsletter I do for the shop I sell things in?

    1. As long as you credit and tag me. I designed this pattern myself. Thank you.

  6. oh definitely. What I would do is just make a link to this page. I wouldn't even copy the directions or anything like that.