Bottle Cap Sacred Heart Images

Below are the images I used for my 
Mexican folk art Bottle Cap Sacred Hearts
Watch how to make them here OR
watch the video on YouTube here:
Print so images are 1" in diameter
(You may have to print 2-4 of these images per page)
Drag to your desktop and print on your printer
Some extra images to use!


  1. Happy you like the project Elaine! I love making them! The crosses, too.

  2. Hi Mark - Loved the sacred heart video and the finished product! Thank for the images - I collect images of Mary & Frida - so, I'm really happy to have these. I have a beautiful painted tin flower with a bottle cap centre. the bottle cap holds a tiny hand-painted image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. A treasure from Sedona, AZ. (I'm a Canadian - Vancouver.) So, your video today really appealed to me. Thanks. :)