Mermaid Images and Cork Stoppers

Here are some fun mermaid images for you to print out and use on your
Mixed Media Mermaid Bottles!  Below are the directions for making the cork stoppers.
If you're coming from YouTube, see more images of the Mermaid Bottles here!  
Have fun!

1.  Shave a wine cork to fit in the bottle
2.  Drill a small hole through the top
3.  Fold an 8" wire in half and coat it with E-6000 glue then insert in the shell to dry
4.  Coat the rest of the wire in E-6000 and insert it in the cork to dry
5.  & 6.  Embellish with shells and pearls then paint the cork to match
See you at the beach!


  1. son las botellas mas preciosas que he visto en mi vida!!

  2. These came at the perfect time I was looking for a birthday gift and this will be just right,thanks