Friday, October 7, 2011 project: GLITTERY WATER BOTTLE FLOWERS asked me to do a special project just for The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2 book page:
I've decided to share it here with you.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you.
I can't do it anymore. I can't buy bottled water or toss anymore plastic into the garbage without trying to make something with it first.  I encourage all of you to think about different creative ways to use what you throw away.

Plastic water, juice or soda bottle
Tea light
Needle nose pliers
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Krylon Fusion spray paint
Hair band, rubber band or blank metal cuff


1.    Carefully cut your bottle into petal shapes that are 2” to 3” long.  They should look like a long teardrop.  You’ll need about 20 of them.
2.    WORKING OUTSIDE,  hold each petal (one at at time) over your tea light and let them warp into the rose petal shape.  It should look a bit like an “L” shape.
*You don’t need to melt them or light them on fire.  Keeping them near the flame is enough heat to melt them.
3.    Once all 20 are warmed into shape, hot glue them together at the bases with tiny dots of glue and let them dry.

4.    Continue building your rose adding petals as you see fit.

5.    Add some in the center if you need to.
6.    Put a huge glob of hot glue on the base and let dry.
7.    Spray paint with your Krylon Fusion spray paint for a plain rose OR with Krylon Glitter Blast.
8.    Hot glue the finished rose to a hair band, simple bangle or a pony tail rubber band.
This project and many more in THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS 2 


  1. LOVE it and I'm so making them with my girls! It was so inspiring meeting you today and hearing your bio. My childhood was much like yours. Like you, I did not feel like we had less because my mother was a creative soul who used her "lack of" as a drafting board for her dreams. I have found in my own life, more often than not, the less I have, the more creative I am. As you all are drinking martinis without me right now, I am home cuddled up with my BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS 2 and a BIG ASS GLASS (BOTTLE) OF WINE Thank-you for my fabulous book and for sharing your inspiring story...

  2. I love this!!! I'm thinking of all the possibilities like making it in a poinsettia shape for Christmas. I enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the SoCaL Blog Social. Thanks for making the event extra special. Katharine

  3. So freaking cute! Never in a billion years would have thought of using a plastic bottle for anything so cool.

  4. These are gorgeous oh my goodness. I might have to try it one night Im feeling especially pyro!


  5. That my friend is an amazing craft project! Good for you to recycle whenever you can, especially when you turn the item into something so wonderful.

  6. Love ur creations. I am called the Recycle Queen the beauty that comes out of garbage and the mind how creative it can be. Thanks for sharing.

  7. thanks , now me and my student know how to create an art craft from used bottle. keep created sir.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I love recycling and making crafts out of items that are normally thrown away.