Monday, January 23, 2012


Zippers have made their way in to fashion and I don’t think they are going anyway for a while.  But WAIT!  You don’t have to make this project with zippers, you could use a cool trim, lace or a strip of fabric, even some chain.  Think about it and whip out that E-6000.  You can do it!

E-6000 glue
Metal zippers
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Pair of pumps

1.    Take 10” of zipper and roll it like a cinnamon bun running a line of hot glue as you roll it.
2.    Using a generous amount of your E-6000, glue it to the front of your shoe.
3.    Use your glue gun to lightly tack two layers of the zipper on all the way around the shoe down to the flower.
4.    Squeeze in the E-6000 in between where you tacked and put a clothespin on it so it makes a very nice bond.
5.    Go out and strut your stuff!
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